Batman, Aquaman, The Punisher…Oh My: Passion for The Comic World

Have you always been a fan of the comic world?
“Yes. Since I was 6, I went to a Burger King and they gave away a free comic that day. So my first comic book was Kool-Aid. I still have it.”

Are you team Marvel or team DC?
“Actually, I’m team both. I lean more toward DC Comics though, because of Batman but I’m a big fan of The Vigilante, i.e. Frank Castle, the Punisher, who I’m gonna be this year at Comic-Con.”

Do you go to Comic-Con every year?
“This year will be my sixteenth year. They’ve been going on since 1978 in Philadelphia.”

Do you dress up every year?

What’s your all time favorite comic?
“It’s probably Spider-Man. Though nowadays, I’m gonna have to say my number one is Batman, second is the Punisher…anything that has a dark edge to it, I like.”

What is it about that darkness that you like? What draws you to that?
“Obviously, just look at the way I dress. Right? Gothy, dark, sinister. I like stuff like that. My clothing line is called “Sinister Designs”.”

It used to be very unhip to be a fan of comics. Over the past few years, it’s kind of become cooler to be a fan of comics…
“Because “Big Bang Theory” made it fashionable. They made it en vogue.”

Did you ever hide your love of comics because of it’s uncool stigma?
“In high school, yeah. I was trying to meet women. But after graduation, Captain America shirts came out again. I started flexing in the mirror. (Laughter)”

How do you think they’ve done transferring the comic world into the movie world? Do you think they’ve done a good job at that?
“Extraordinarily good!”

What’s your favorite franchise?
“I’m gonna have to say the Batmans with Christian Bale. He killed it. And Bane was totally awesome.”

Which upcoming Comic based movie are you most looking forward to? I know there’s one I’m psyched for, but I’ll wait to see if yours is the same.
“Of course….Batman versus Superman! Also, the new Batman movie with Ben Affleck. It looks kick ass and I heard he did a really good job.”

They’re tough shoes to fill. I liked Michael Keaton in the role. Val Kilmer….not so much. Christian Bale was a great Batman though.
“And the chicks dig him. That’s why Batman’s so popular with the women now. Every day I see women walking down the street in Batman shirts. I think Christian
Bale is responsible for that.”

I’m a Superman girl, so in my head, he has to beat Batman in the upcoming movie.

You don’t think!?
“According to the comic book, Superman freaks out on red kryptonite and they get ahold of Batman to control him and Batman goes to Smallville to get green kryptonite to make clubs and beat the shit out of him and takes him out. I hope they follow the comic book. That’ll be cool.”

What else would you want to see in the comic world?
“Ya know what I’d like to see? I think Danny DeVito was awesome as the Penguin, but I’d like to see them do a new Batman with a new Penguin.”

Who do you think would be good in that role?
“We were talking about that today. I don’t know. Obviously, it would have to be someone short. It’s gonna have to be an unknown.

Oh, don’t forget….Suicide Squad, and the new Joker with Jared Leto.”

That looks super cool!
“He looks cool, but I think Heath Ledger are hard shoes to fill. But I heard he killed it.”

They are definitely hard shoes to fill, but it looks like they aren’t trying to duplicate it, which is good. There’d be no comparison.
“Not to bounce around, but in the Batman vs. Superman, there’s gonna be cameo appearances by other super heroes. From the Justice League Association and the Hall of Justice. I’d love to see an Aquaman movie. I heard rumors that they’re kicking around the idea.”

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