Thank you for your inquiry and for your interest in advertising on our site. Due to an overwhelmingly positive response to our project, we have decided to accept the request to open it up to some very limited advertising opportunities.

At present the following opportunities are available:
Blog sponsorship. We will provide a link to your website, blog, product or service, under our “SPONSORS” tab, providing all of your relevant contact information, and a space (in the same location) for your small (250×250 or smaller) graphic. This will remain in this location for a minimum period of 6 months. We will also post a link to your desired page on our Facebook and Twitter accounts noting you are a sponsor of The One Unified Project.

Text links. These text links appear with keywords in the content of a relevant front page post. Price is per individual text link and as many text links as desired may be purchased. The links are never removed from the post.

A full page post review of your product or service is also available.

Please email us for specific prices and details.

All content must be pre-approved and relevant to the content of this site. Therefore, we have final say on the posts in which your text links appear.
All ad rates are payable through paypal. Space is limited.

Our primary demographic is women and men age 18-65 with male readers slightly edging out female. 94% of our readers are located in the United States. Of that 94% approximately 2/3 come from the Philadelphia metropolitan area (Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, Camden, Burlington, Atlantic and Gloucester counties). Our analytics are available upon request.   All sites requesting advertising must submit their link for blog owner approval and to determine if content is an appropriate fit for this blog.

Thanks again for our interest.

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