Watch Out….Here Come the Poll Results….

Are you a comic book reader?
I used to be  50%
No                40%
Yes               10%

“I just stopped reading them when I was raising my son’s.”

“When I was younger I was too busy playing Stickball, wallball, wireball, hockey, soccer, baseball, football, bottle caps, spring, and watching cartoons.”

“Never touch the stuff.”

Do you prefer…
Marvel 87.5%
Other 12.5%
Image 0%
Vertigo 0%
DC 0%

“Just happen to like Marvel, no other reason.”

“Do not really read them but picked Marvel because I do like their characters.”

“Marvel and DC”

Superman vs Batman…who wins?
Superman 100%
Batman 0%

“Cause Superman is always the hero”

“He’s cuter.”

“Neither. Friends shouldn’t fight.”

Who is your favorite comic book character?

“Wonder Woman”

“The Thing”



Speak your mind!

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