Childhood friends Noelle Benedetto Florek and Michelle Goldman Wolfson teamed up to embark on something that would be creative, meaningful, and fun. Fueled by their love of the written word, passion for photography, and desire to hear the stories behind every person they meet, they came up with the idea for a blog that used storytelling and images as a way to capture the human spirit. The result is known as The One Unified Project.

A project of curiosity, it was designed to discover things that most of us don’t know about one another, from the trivial to the profound. The mission? To discover the common threads that unify people from all walks of life and bring us together. Understanding that we all are unique, have different beliefs and opinions, it is comforting to know that we are not all THAT different or alone in this big, small world.

We hope that you will read things that will give you another point of view.
Our goal is to give you an appreciation of our similarities and our differences, and diminish pre-judgement. While we will be “featuring” people on our site, we hope that everyone will get involved. We want this project to be an interactive one, by starting a conversation, a community. We welcome your input on this page, as well as on all of our social media outlets. We welcome your thoughts and feedback on the interviews we do each week.
Thank you for being a part of The One Unified Project. We hope you will love it.

Speak your mind!

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