Your Eagles Week 6 Recap: Eagles vs. Redskins 

If you don’t already know it, last week’s loss is squarely on me. I’d been sick all week and when game time came around, I got myself together enough to watch the game that I’d been looking forward to after a 3-0 start followed by an early bye week. I don’t know if it was the cold medicine or the lack of sleep, but I totally forgot to put on my shirt! No, I didnt watch the game topless. But I did forget to put on this season’s unwashed since opening day Eagles shirt. 

Fortunately, with the birds getting off to a slow start, I logged on to Facebook and something a friend posted jarred my memory and I realized that I had not put on my shirt. Say what you will right now, but in some families football superstitions run deep. If I believed that it was my shirt causing the first half flop, then so be it. To the closet! 
After justifying that it was great for Wentz to learn early what it’s like to have to lead your team from behind, I watched as the shirt did its magic. We were right back in it! Fast forward to the fumble… the “questionable” calls… the interesting choices of passes on that final drive, and needless to say, my pre half-time wardrobe change was too little, too late. Fortunately, there are 16 games in the regular season, and my shirt was washed (it’s okay, we lost) and ready for yesterday’s game. Turns out, it wasn’t the shirt after all. 
To start, if anyone had any question as to whether or not Lane Johnson’s 10 game suspension (for testing positive for the use of performance enhancing drugs) was going to hurt us, I think that question was answered yesterday. And just when I finally learned to say and spell Halapouluvaati Vitai’s name, I’d like to forget it. I could bore you with the stats, like Wentz throwing for 179 yds and completing only 11 of 22 passes. Not to mention getting sacked what felt like a hundred times (okay it was 5). Or that Washington’s offense had double the total offense yardage and double the number of first downs. 
Throw a fan a bone you might say? Well, there’s not much to offer you here aside from Smallwood’s impressive 86 yd kickoff return for a touchdown, Jenkins interception return for 6 as well, and the fact that we didn’t turn over the ball at all. Let’s not gloss over The Eagles committing 13 penalties for 114 yards, only a week after they were called for 14 penalties for 111 yards in a loss to Detroit. I know. Bad officiating. Refs sucked. Blah, blah, blah. Yes, there were some highly questionable calls, particularly in the Lions game, but you just can’t win if you’re killing yourself with penalties. 

I never said it was going to pretty, just that it was a recap. 
The NFC east, which was expected to be largely unremarkable this season, has actually turned out to be a pretty good division, and a tight race. So, has the eagle landed? Are we coming back down to earth after getting over-hyped about a season that no one expected to amount to anything? Or were the past two weeks a fluke series of underwhelming sloppy play, crappy officiating, and a series of unfortunate events? I don’t know the answer, but you can bet we’ll get a better idea next week when a well rested and undefeated Vikings team come to town with none other than our buddy Sam Bradford at the helm.

I’m still fully on board the Wentz Wagon. I just hope they figure out a way to keep him from getting his wheels knocked off. 

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