Eagles Vs. Steelers: Sunday Recap Week 3

There’s probably not a person in the city today who isn’t well aware of yesterday’s Eagles victory. Rookie quarterback Carson Wentz led his team to its third victory in a row as the Eagles upset the Pittsburgh Steelers, 34-3. This takes our Eagles to a 3-0 record heading into next week’s bye week. To say that most analysts, media, and even fans were pleasantly shocked by the victory would be an accurate assessment.

The Eagles were easily underdogs going into Sunday’s game with a rookie quarterback, a first year head coach and a rookie corner covering one of the best, if not the best wide receivers in the NFL in Antonio Brown. While Brown was able to grab 12 catches for an impressive 140 yards in the game, the Eagles D came up huge in both keeping Brown out of the end zone, and getting to veteran quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben completed just 24 of 44 passes for 257 yards, no touchdowns and one interception. Fletcher Cox again proving that he is a defensive star on this team with his agressive play, leading to a strip-sack of Big Ben in the third quarter. The ball was recovered by Brandon Graham who also clearly showed up to play on Sunday. Jim Schwartz’s impressive D has allowed its opponents to reach the end zone just three times so far this season, holding the first three teams they’ve seen to a combined 27 points. Less than their margin of victory for Sunday’s game alone.

Still in true Philly sports fashion, fans were reluctant to rush in with too many accolades. The fear of the Philly sports curse or the “jinx” is still very real. After two victories in their opening two games of the season against mediocre at best opponents, despite seeing obvious flashes of brilliance in the rookie quarterback, and solid performances by both the offensive and defense lines, jaded fans and analysts alike reserved their “WentzWagon” hype pending the outcome of Sunday’s game. Not just staying in the game as many had hoped, or even squeaking out a win as a few brave souls had boldly predicted, the birds shocked and delighted everyone with a trouncing of a team heavily favored to make it to the AFC Championship this year. And so the talk begins in Eaglesland. Could it be? Could it really be? Do we have a contender? After Sunday’s performance, even those used to playing it close to the vest have got to be thinking it over! We’ve got a bye week next week to figure it all out, to let it all sink in. After that, bring on Detroit!

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