This Week in Sports (Eagles Edition)


I have but one question for you Philly fans. Are YOU ready for some football?

While the 2016 Summer Olympic Games have been live from Rio all week and keeping many a die-hard sports fan satisfied (more on that later with an upcoming Olympic recap), seasoned Philly sports fans have been biding their time in the dog days of summer waiting for one thing and one thing only, the return of football season!

With The Phillies pulling together a season of highs and lows, and an interesting young core of talent, spending the post NHL and NBA days watching the Phils teeter slightly under .500 has been enough to keep some fans satisfied. But let’s face it, the summer time is a rough time for those who are true Philly 4 for 4 and more fans. Well, all if that ends today friends. The birds are back. And as we sports fans know, day one of preseason football only means there is more to come.

Already mired in a host of pesky issues like the unhealthy Jordan Matthews (WR), the impending suspension of Lane Johnson (OT) although at this time it is noted that Johnson is expected to play tonight, the injured Jason Peters (OT), and it wouldn’t be any fun in Philly without the usual Quarterback controversy.
What we will get to see is an Eagles era led by new head coach Doug Pederson  and rookie fist round draft pick Carson Wentz (QB) who is set to take his snaps in the second half of tonight’s game. And we will get our first test of how the Eagles corners will stack up this season as they go up against a talented Bucs receiving corps that includes Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson.
No doubt there will be a lot to talk about tomorrow when we all play Monday Morning (or in this case Friday morning) Quarterback.

What Eagles fans have to look forward to in the coming weeks:
August 11 Preseason Game 7:00 PM vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Lincoln Financial Field

August 14 Open Practice Lincoln Financial Field

August 18 Preseason Game 7:00 PM @ Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field

August 27 Preseason Game 7:00 PM @ Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium

September 1 Preseason Game 7:00 PM vs New York Jets at Lincoln Financial Field



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