Hey Sports Fans!

We’re “tackling” sports! We started out bringing you local voices talking about the topics that move us, that unify us as a people. Eventually, those topics began to stand on their own. A few of the things that emerged as most successful among our readers were music, entertainment, sports, and human interest stories, all with a local flavor.

We’ve been bringing you our live and local entertainment calendar for a while now and we hope it’s gotten you out and about and into your dancing (or just watching) shoes. Now we’re adding a sports calendar into the mix. One thing we know about Philly, that everyone knows about Philly, is that it’s passionate about its sports! So we’ll be keeping you in the loop with all the games and sporting events going on in our town. And while I’d love to share my kids basketball schedule with you, or invite you to my daughter’s softball games, we’ll be sticking to the majors (and minors on occasion) for now.

So keep your eye on the ball, our sports calendar feature is set to debut any time now. And you can find out when that, our entertainment calendar and any other feature stories  appear by following us on Facebook or on Twitter. We hope this one will be a home run!

Speak your mind!

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