Sunday Spotlight… Midnight Spotlight

You thought you’d missed our Sunday Spotlight, didn’t you? Well, you thought wrong! Today’s Sunday Spotlight is a little off the beaten path. It’s a special Midnight Spotlight. And it features 10 of both the most popular spotlights we have done, as well as those you might have missed the first time around (every once in a while a holiday or something may throw us a monkey wrench and get in the way of everyone being able to catch our Spotlights when they are featured the first time). If you’ve already seen these features, check them out again. All of the people, places, and things we showcase are hand-picked by us because we think they are things you will enjoy hearing about, learning about, and checking out. As always, if you have a suggestion for an upcoming spotlight, you can use the contact button on the homepage, or message us on Facebook, Twitter or via email at

First up, Pure Jerry. Featured back in August of 2015, in the shadows of ‘Jerry Week’ we featured this band. Pure Jerry brings to life the music and the spirit of the late Jerry Garcia.

Another feature from August 2015, The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, deviated a bit from our typical spotlights. Not a local entity, we still thought that it was 100% worth being a feature on our site.

Earlier this year we had The Great Scott Band as our spotlight. This local band’s stint in our spotlight proved to be a big hit. If you missed it the fist time around, check it out now.

Since we’re heavy on the music features, but both of us as well as many of our readers are parents, we like to throw in something a little different from time to time, our Spotlight on WXPN’s Kids Corner program was a perfect example.

In January we brought back the spotlight after a brief hiatus, with a local band full of phenomenal young talent, The Dead Leeves. If you missed it, or even if you didn’t, it’s one that needed to make our list.

When we can combine our love of music with any type of philanthropic efforts it’s a definite win-win for us. Such was the case when we shined our spotlight on Guitar Mash. This was featured when our site started taking a heavy music turn. So if you missed it, here it is again.

One of our spotlight’s from last fall that flew by just slightly under the radar was an acoustic act from Northeast Philly, Saver. One of the first solo acoustic musicians we featured, we thought it was worth a second look.

Way back in June of 2015 we started out with our new feature, The Sunday Spotlight. It was musical act Urbana that has the honor of being our first ever guest in the spotlight feature. And that in and of itself was worth another mention.

Proving to be our most viewed Spotlight of 2015, Stems and Seeds earns a place on our midnight spotlight for this local classic rock band.

We’ve already featured some of 2016’s most viewed of our spotlights. So we’re rounding out our midnight spotlight list with the recent spotlight of a local pub that, at just a year old, is making a great name for itself in the community that it serves. We finish it up with Pub 36.

We hope you had fun with our ‘Midnight Spotlight’. We’ll be back next week with our regularly scheduled programming. Please check out any and all of our guests featured here and on our Sunday Spotlight every week.

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