The Beautiful Mothers of One Unified.

I used to write about moms- a lot. As a matter of fact, I made my living from sharing the (mostly) funny side of parenting for a very long time.

It seems like all the moms that I talked to or wrote about all those years had one thing in common; they were tired. Lack of sleep is a very ‘mommy’ thing. From cranky babies to carting teens around in mom’s taxi, they all seemed to be craving some more rest and relaxation. The number one most asked for Mother’s Day gift among all the moms I had met? Rest.

Sure there were a few women who wanted a nice piece of jewelry to one-up the other moms on the block, or a bouquet of pretty flowers to adorn the mantel. But flowers die, and who really cares what those other moms think anyway? But sleep, a few extra hours of shut-eye, or an afternoon where no one needs you to find a sock that’s gone missing or a project that was misplaced, that is truly the gift that keeps on giving. I’ll take that over a bottle of Chanel #5 any day. That and the handmade cards and school made art projects, or a cup of tea made by my oldest that I am likely to be gifted with this weekend.

Alas, every mom is an indiviual. One mom’s cup of tea is another moms shot of vodka. One mom may be hoping for a day of peace and serenity at the spa, while another might be planning a new tattoo as a reward for the “other” 364 days of mothering. (Hint: both are me!)
Just as every one of our kids is unique and special, remember that you moms may come in all different shapes and sizes too. Moms of one… moms of many… biological moms… step-moms… adoptive moms… moms to multiples… moms to kids with special needs… all of you are true heroes every day.

One thing that has always struck me as a mother is the power of the love I have for my children, and the knowing that, although they love you too- you may be their rock, their island, their world, it won’t be until they one day become parents themselves that they may begin to truly understand the power of a mother’s love.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and if there is one thing that I have come to find after all of these years, is that the most incredibly powerful and universal unifier there is, is motherhood! So, rock on amazing moms! Celebrate the uniqueness, the awesomeness, the power of you!



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