Laughter…The A Best Medicine

Laughter… It’s one of the things that make life wonderful. We even pay some of her hard earned dollars just to have someone or something make us laugh. I, like most of you I’m sure, choose the spend time with people that make my sides hurt. I absolutely love laughing no matter the what it stems from or is made up of ; slapstick, dry, vulgarity, political and sadness. Yes, sadness. Some of my most traumatic or saddest times have end it (or at least have had moments of) total hysterics that have lightened a mood. The month of April recognizes the importance of humor by observing “national laughter month”.

Much like music, laughter is a universal language that we all share and speak, though so I’m not as fluently. And here are a couple of facts about laughter:
1. It’s contagious! People are more likely to laugh in the company of others. (And sometimes at others.)
2. Laughing raises your immune system making you healthier.
3. You actually build muscles in your face and abdomen with frequent, hearty laughs. and you can burn up to 40 calories with 15 minutes of laughter. That doesn’t mean you can need a gallon of ice cream today.
4. you know those movies that have the girl or guy telling their friends to act like they just said the funniest thing in the world? There’s actually some sense to that. That reduces social anxiety when you’re in a public setting and laughing with a group.
5. Some studies of shown that sense of humor beats out good looks when looking for a mate. And I would totally agree with that!

There are many more benefits to adding more laughter to your life, but I found these the most interesting. So let’s help each other out:
We, at the One Unified Project, want to hear from you! What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you? Do you have a favorite funny story to share? Has humor ever gotten me through a tough time? Today’s post is an interactive one so please share in the comments a little laughter with us. Come on, crack us up!

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