Happy Holidays: National Make your Own Holiday Day is Here.

When we talk here about things that unify people, we often talk about life and love and art and music, and yes even politics and religion. It is no secret that even that which divides many, still unify some. Sometimes however, we like to take a departure from the serious, from delving deep into the things that bring us together, and just have a little fun.

This Saturday (March 26th) is National Make your Own Holiday Day. No really, I swear. And so I naturally asked a handful of our readers what kind of holiday they would make if they had the chance. The answers were, as you might expect, diverse and pretty amusing. I’m sure you’ve all heard your fair share of these made up “holidays”. Last week for example, we had Pi Day on when else but March 14th (3.14). Pi Day, while not an officially recognized holiday, has taken on a life of its own. No you won’t be getting any time off from work to celebrate Pi Day, but you’re likely to get a passing Pi Day greeting or two- especially if you’re social media inclined. If you have never seen some of the fantastically ridiculous made up holidays that warrant celebrating, allow me to fill you in. If I did not provide th answers, I bet you’d be hard-pressed to figure out which of the are “real” holidays and which are those made up on the spot by our readers.

When you think about it, it’s not all that unusual of a topic for us here at One Unified, since laughter, humor and silliness, are all fantastic unifiers.

You can ride out the rest of March celebrating holidays like, National Puppy Day
Near Miss Day, National Chip and Dip Day, World Meteorological Day and I swear I didn’t make this one up, National Melba Toast Day. And these are all tomorrow! If these don’t grab you, perhaps March 25th’s International Waffle Day or March 26th’s Spinach Day will. Sunday March 27th may be Easter Sunday but it’s also Quirky Country Music Song Title Day. And we run out the month with Respect Your Cat Day, National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day, and Take a Walk in the Park Day on the 28th, 29th and 30th respectively.

And what did our readers give us to work with? Well reader suggestions included National All Bob’s are Great Day (clearly suggested by a guy named Jim), Bake your Mom a Cake Day, Long Haired Freaks Unite Day, Leftover Easter Candy Day, and National Led Zeppelin Day (shockingly not submitted by friend of One Unified Bryon Jesse- though I’m sure he would support the idea).
There were a few legitimately good ideas in the bunch too- no offense to Bob. We liked Adopt a Pet Day (which may already be a thing), Check on a Neighbor Day, Make a Donation Day, Share your Lunch Day and my personal favorite as mom of 3, National Be Nice to your Siblings Day.

So, do you have an idea to share? Leave it in the comments. We’ll be sharing them on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll give you a reminder on Saturday!

Speak your mind!

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