Right or Wrong…There’s a Holiday for That

Photo courtesy: https://insightfulsway.wordpress.com/2015/05/06/right-and-wrong-are-just-words/

Michelle and I try to keep things fresh and interesting here on One Unified. We like to write about, interview people, bring you topics that we find intriguing, heartwarming, entertaining and sometimes just amusing…things we have interest in. Sometimes, however, we need a little help. Sometimes it comes from a reader and occasionally we rely on holidays and events. That being said, we came across two consecutive holidays this week that clearly are designed to be back to back (and silly). Today is Everything You Think Is Wrong Day, which discourages people from making decisions and serves as a reminder that we’re not always right. That’s followed up on Wednesday by National Everything You Do is Right Day, a day to feel good about everything you do.

While these two “holidays” are a bit absurd, and seem somewhat trite to write a post about, it made me think. We certainly don’t need a day to make mistakes or a day to recognize the things we’ve done well, but it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder to reflect. All of us make mistakes. Yes, all of us. Some of us are more willing to admit when we’ve done something wrong, even when it bruises our ego. There are those that take responsibility for things we shouldn’t. And then there are others who are not so quick to offer up admissions of wrong doing ever. And the same goes for when we’ve done things well. There are two extremes there too. We either beat ourselves up and don’t give ourselves credit when we deserve to or the flip side: those that take their “wins” to the other extreme and seem to tell everyone all their accolades.

I’ve made lots of mistakes in my life. Few of those mistakes do I regret. Even the ones that were risky, dangerous (even life threatening) and completely stupid. But life’s blunders are what they call “teachable moments”…things to learn from, to make us better. If we’re careful, it only takes one time to learn from those hiccups and we don’t continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. We don’t seek out opportunities to mess up, I’d like to think, but we shouldn’t be so afraid to make them. Doesn’t that just mean that we’re trying? So today, give yourself a break, learn from your bloopers, and don’t be too proud to admit your mistakes.
(Disclaimer: those with jobs that involve saving lives, please continue to avoid mistakes.)

Then tomorrow is everything you do is right day. It’s wonderful to give ourselves a pat on the back when we’ve done a good job at work, in life, at home, etc. I encourage you, especially those of you that do a little too much of the opposite, to really follow those instructions above. Let’s take it a step further though; make a point to tell someone else what a great job they did or how much you appreciate them. And for those of you that have no problem taking credit: by no means am I suggesting to not enjoy your successes. Absolutely, take pride in yourself! Instead, I suggest to remember to pay compliments as much as you compliment yourself.

As always, we love participation. Today, we ask you the following:
Why do you think people have a hard time admitting when they’re wrong or why would someone always blame themselves for things they didn’t do wrong? And on the opposite end: Why not give ourselves a well deserved pat on the back when we’ve done well or why must some find the need to take credit for everything?

Speak your mind!

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