Leap Year Challenge: 50 Things to do With an Extra 24 Hours.

How many times have you said to yourself, there are just not enough hours in the day? It seems as though we’re all always looking for a little extra time to get things done. Whether you’re a busy mom, swamped at the office, behind on the laundry, or just wish you had a little more time for fun, we could all make good use of a little ‘extra’ time. Luckily for you (and us), your wish is about to be granted.

This year is a leap year, which means you are about to get those extra hours you have been asking for! Twenty-four of them to be exact. This year, like every four years, we get a bonus day- February 29th. Now, the question is what are you going to do with them? . While catching up on laundry, or doing your grocery shopping seems like the responsible thing to do, it doesn’t really seem like much fun. Perhaps using these extra hours to do something you’ve been wanting to do, but could never seem to find the time sounds like a better option.

So how about we start a new leap year tradition? Let’s take those extra 24 hours and make them really count. Use your extra 24 hours to read a book you’ve been dying to read. Use them to spread a little kindness by volunteering to do some community service. Use it to take your kids out to do something fun (after school of course). Use it to finally get up the nerve to ask that guy or girl you’ve been thinking about for their number. It’s up to you how you will use the gift of time. Maybe scrubbing the kitchen floor is just what you need to feel good, but we’re not recommending it. Our only advice, make sure you do something that makes you feel good- and if it is something memorable, all the better.

Join in on our leap year challenge by telling us what you are doing (or what you did) with your extra hours. Use #leapyearextra24 on our Facebook or Twitter pages. We want to hear from you! Meanwhile, here are some more ideas for ways you can spend some of those extra hours! We plan to try a few ourselves.

Write a letter
Call someone you’ve been meaning to catch up with
Take a long nap
Go to lunch with a friend
Catch up on all those shows you have DVR’d
Go to the park
Take a long walk
See a movie
Get a massage
Get a new hair style
Take a drive with the windows down
Tend to your garden
Head out to perform a few random acts of kindness
Work on your golf game
Organize your photos
Catch up on current events
Go to a museum
Volunteer at a soup kitchen
Look through old photo albums
Make a scrapbook
Throw a last minute party
Do a jigsaw puzzle
Write a love letter
Create a bucket list
Take a sick day
Go to a fortune teller
Get a mani/pedi
Go to happy hour
Spend the whole day in bed
Clean out your inbox
Look into adopting a pet
Gather items to donate to charity
Join a club
Try the new restaurant you’ve had your eye on
Have a family portrait taken
Try out a new recipe
Visit an elderly family member or neighbor
Plan a vacation
Get a new hairstyle
Prepare a month’s worth of freezer meals
Join a gym
Call your mom
Get a really big jump on your holiday shopping
Listen to the entire Dark Side of the Moon album
Gather up the kids and let them pick where to go
Campaign for your favorite candidate
Catch up on all those viral You Tube videos you keep hearing about
(like NFL Bad Lip Reading, Celebrity Mean Tweets, and Conan Student Driver)
Engage in some Leap Day activities. Play Leap Frog. Watch the movie Leap Year. Write yourself a letter and seal it up to be opened on the next leap year.

We won’t have another extra 24 hours until 2020, so make them count.

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