Spotlight Sunday…Honoring Dr. King…

imageTomorrow, many businesses and schools will be closed in commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. You’ll sleep in later than usual, get some overdue chores done, maybe shop. But for many, they will spend their day remembering the man for whom the holiday was created. Before he was assassinated in 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist minister and civil rights leader that not only played a vital part in ending segregation in the south, but was a well-known leader and dreamer of bringing people of all communities and backgrounds together. In that spirit, the Martin Luther King Jr. day of service was born. We felt that there was no better spotlight this Sunday than that of the events and opportunities to honor this great and peaceful man, whose life was cut entirely too short.

In honor of Doctor King, there are many opportunities to volunteer and even enjoy some of the great landmarks our city has to offer. Below are some of those events, but please be sure to research a bit further if you don’t find something to your liking here.

If you’d like to volunteer, visit, to find the organization or cause that’s right for you, unless you have a cause close to your heart. Visit your local community or recreation center, hospital, veterans home, etc and see how you can be of service. Maybe you have a neighbor that is unable to leave the house that you could run an errand for. Perhaps they have no family and would love someone to have a cup of coffee with. Did you make a meal that is entirely too much for your family? Bring a plate over to them. Any of these things help to make the world a happier place, and with any luck, that person will pay it forward. Imagine if each and every person did something, whether it was volunteering or making a donation to a special cause. That’s the type of world I want to live in! Don’t you?

After you’ve done that good deed, treat yourself to one of the many special events going on in the city in honor of the holiday. (Please check the websites for the following to confirm availability and times)

*The Philadelphia Orchestra’s free Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute Concert, Monday, 1/18/16 at 1:30 at Girard College, while ticket supplies last.

*A weekend long celebration at the African American Museum with a reduced $2 admission.

*MLK day at the Philadelphia Museum of Art will have a day of family friendly craft making, family tours, performances and activities on Monday, 1/18/16, from

*Day of Service at the National Constitution Center will offer $5 admission on 1/18/16 and enjoy special service projects, performances, programs and activities, including readings of the “I Have a Dream” speech.

*MLK weekend at Eastern State Penitentiary this weekend and Monday, 1/18/16, will have special readings of King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”. Tickets are free and open to the public.

*MLK Family Day at the National Museum of American Jewish History will be free all day with storytelling sessions and crafts for the kids and an ongoing screening of the PBS documentary series: Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Movement.

*MLK Day at the National Liberty Museum will offer “pay what you wish” admission to the museum. Enjoy themed events, exhibitions, scavenger hunts and more.

*MLK weekend at the Please Touch Museum offers interactive community events, storytelling inspired by Dr. King’s legacy, create cards and quilts to be sent to a local children’s hospital and resident center, a hip hop fundamentals workshop and more.

*Woodmere Art Museum MLK Day Family Festival will have storytelling, break-dance performing, art making and more.

We, at One Unified Project, would like to remember and thank Dr. King for his vision for equality, peace and freedom…for all.

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