Sunday Spotlight… Think Pink Floyd

As music lovers, we often bring local musicians and groups to our Sunday Spotlight. We love sharing all kinds of music with our readers. This week we bring you the national touring Pink Floyd tribute band, Think Pink Floyd. I spoke to Billy Martin from Think Pink Floyd and got some information on this incredible band that delivers a “true replication of a Pink Floyd concert”.


Obviously the band plays Pink Floyd music, when was the band formed and what inspired you to start a band in that genre?
Started in 2006. Many young people asked me if I could play Division Bell which was very new at the time. I realized there was a new generation of Pink Floyd fans and started learning more Floyd.

So you were already in a band prior to this
We were all in other bands. Martins Law was my band for 15 years.

Apart from Pink Floyd, what were some of your other musical influences?
Led Zeppelin, The (Grateful) Dead, Allmans, (Rolling) Stones, The Beatles. We all love these bands and the music has fine tuned us for years now.

Who’s in the band?
Billy Martin- vocals, guitar
Adam Pierson- drums
Monique Canniere- vocals, violin
Steve Sabile- guitar
Rick OConnell- bass
Heather Haze- vocals, saxophone
Chie Susuki- keys, vocals

What is in the band’s repertoire?
Think Pink Floyd performs music from:
Young Pink Floyd (1967-70)
Meddle – Echos (1971)
Dark Side of the Moon (1973)
Wish You Were Here (1975)
Animals (1977)
The Wall (1979)
A Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987)
The Division Bell (1994)

To learn more about the Pink Floyd tribute band with the unique light, sound, and film show visit

What social media sites can we find Think Pink Floyd on?
You Tube
Google +

You can listen to Think Pink Floyd here to listen to a truly authentic Pink Floyd experience. And check out the You Tube channel for a live look!

Check out the band’s website or Facebook page for upcoming shows.
See you at the show!



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