pablo-2Yesterday was Thanksgiving. What better time to take a moment to talk about what I am thankful for this year.

I could write a hundred of these ‘what I am thankful for’ posts (and I think I’m getting close) and year in and year out the same thing will always top my list- my family. Whatever happiness and joy I achieve, whatever heartbreak and sadness I endure, whatever goals I attain or fall short on, I do so cradled in the comfort of my family’s embrace. They are my reason.

When I talk about my family, I don’t just mean those who I have a biological connection to. There is the family that you are born with and there is family that you create. Those people with whom you can go out into the world and find all on your own. They are the people who you fit with, who you laugh with, love with, cry with. They are the people who “get” you. They are your tribe. I am thankful for my tribe, this year, every year.

I am thankful for the freedom and opportunity to create, to write on this site and elsewhere, openly and honestly and without the fear of repercussions for expressing my opinions. I am thankful to the people who have made that possible.

I am thankful for another year of more good days than bad, and more health than ills.

I am thankful for every beautiful sunrise and gorgeous sunset, every flower that blooms and every wave that crashes on the beach that I never even see, or that I take for granted or am too busy to look at- simply because they are there, they exist.

My children of course, will always be my greatest achievement, my greatest legacy, and for my children, I will always be thankful. Every year they grow and meet new challenges, reach new milestones, and conquer new fears. I am thankful for every day that I have with them, even when they drive me crazy. And it is my hope that next year I will be thankful for more of the same, and maybe even for some new adventures that life will throw my way!


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