Kick the Habit…Ditching the Things That Bring us Down.

vice2Dependence. Propensity. Addiction. All words that mean the same thing- a habit. More appropriately in this case, a bad habit. We all have them, those little idiosyncrasies, impulses and fixations that while we may know are not always in our best interest, we just can’t seem to shake. Sometimes it’s as innocent and inculpable as biting your nails, or humming while you chew. Other times our bad habits are more than just a slight annoyance or minor transgression. Sometimes bad habits can be harmful, hurtful, and even deadly.

This week we’ll bring you someone who has seen their bad habits escalate and evolve into full blown vices that have brought both heartache and pain but also hope and renewal. That’s one of the saving graces of our bad habits. They, like all of life’s mistakes, can teach us things. We can learn what works and doesn’t work for us. We can learn how to be better versions of ourselves. We can learn how to be stronger and wiser.

vice1Not every bad habit takes such a dark path. Do you have a habit, a vice, a sin you’d like to talk about? Something you’ve conquered or are trying to conquer? We’ve all had them, from the simple to the extreme. Join us here and on Facebook and you can offer support to anyone brave enough to tell us what bad habits they’ve been able to kick.Thursday, November 19th is the annual Great American Smoke-out. The day where thousands of people attempt to give up what some may call the ultimate bad habit- cigarette smoking. Can you do it? Have you ever tried? Not a smoker? What can you give up this Thursday?

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