Spotlight Sunday… Greener Partners

This week we talked about the work we do in our lives, and the legacy that we leave behind. Some people, projects and organizations we come across serve as examples to us of the kind of legacy we feel make the world a better place. This Sunday we are able to spotlight one such example… Greener Partners

What is Greener Partners?
Greener Partners is a registered 501(c) non-profit organization.

What is the mission of Greener Partners?
Greener Partners connects communities through food, farms, and education.
Through our projects and programs we seek to increase and strengthen public access to fresh, seasonal and local food.
Train new farmers in resilient farming techniques and to achieve success in the growing local food economy.
Educate people of all ages about the origins of their food and empower them to create healthy communities.

What exactly does Greener Partners do, how do they accomplish that?
At Greener Partners, we believe local food is the best kind — where those who eat it feel connection to the soil it’s grown in and the people who cultivate it. In imagining a better food system, Greener Partners operates community Farm Hubs as resources for local produce and for education — as well as inspiration — about food and farming. Our farmers grow vegetables, herbs and fruit for our own Farm Market, Community Supported Agriculture members and to sell at area farmers’ markets. Our education programs engage kids, both on our farms and in area schools, through programs like The SOL Food Project and Farm field trips. To cross generations, we offer workshops for adults and families on the “lost arts” of our agricultural and cultural past that still are relevant and useful in our lives today.
With a diverse range of projects throughout the Philadelphia region, we seek to make local food accessible by offering multiple ways of experiencing fresh, local food in our communities. Through our First Generation Farmer Program we are training the next generation of farmers to possess diverse skills for cultivating a better food system.

farmexplorerThis is Greener Partners Farm Explorer truck. We have two trucks which travel more than 6500 miles each year to over 60 schools in the Philadelphia region, bursting with fresh vegetables for the kids to harvest, smell, touch and taste


This is Longview Farm in Collegeville, where we grow food for about 300 families in a local subscription form (CSA) as well as for our education programs and for donation to food banks. Our two farms have provided more than 8000 pounds of fresh produce this year to low-income families. Longview Farm has a market open to the public and is just wrapping up a stellar apple picking season

For more information about the Greener Partners team, their partners, projects, or upcoming events you can visit

You can also find Greener Partners on Facebook and Instagram.

Greener Partners also has a blog you can read here.

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