Working for Happiness…What Would Your Epitaph Say?

imageThere are all kinds of holidays and days of acknowledgement, so why not a day that is dedicated to writing your own epitaph. November 2 is that day. So we thought we’d have some fun or get some insight (depending on your outlook about the subject) and spend this week giving our thoughts on the subject as well as asking yourself what you would want on your tombstone. It’s a tough thing to think about whether it’s a morbid topic or you just don’t know what you’d want your final statement to be to the world. Thank you to those that shared their thoughts with us. If you’d like to see some comical epitaphs of some famous folks, check out this link,, for a chuckle. As always, we welcome interaction. Please feel free to comment with what you would have on your tombstone (yeah yeah…pepperoni). Without further ado…

“Started out an asshole, changed by a beautiful woman”

“Here lies the most interesting man in the world”

“She lived her life on her own terms”

“No regrets”

“The best mom, grandmom, sister, aunt, and friend lies here”

“Here lies Bry, a shame he had to die”

“Here lies someone who followed their heart”

“I told you I was sick”

“Help! They’re burying me ali…”

“To thine own self be true!”

“Earth below me. Sky above me. Fire inside me.”

“With all I am, with all I have, thank you for it all.”

“I’m buried face down, so youze all can kiss my ass!”

Speak your mind!

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