Sunday Spotlight…A Volunteer for The Roxborough Home for Women

Wrapping up our week dedicated to charity work, we’re spotlighting someone who is no stranger to charity work, and one of the organizations she regularly volunteers for. Thank you to Karen for the information and the example you set.

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We’re talking about charities. You do a lot of volunteer work. What is the name of the organization you volunteer for?
“The organization is the Roxborough Home for Women. ”

What does your volunteering work include?
“My volunteer work includes being on the Board of Directors, helping at various functions for the ladies that include picnics, family days, flea markets etc. I’m basically the gopher. I help out with getting the ladies situated, making sure they are warm and comfortable, running food and needed items back and forth, setting up and breaking down for the events etc.”

What made you decide on that organization?
“I chose the Roxborough Home for Women as my Mom is also a volunteer. I wanted to help in the community where I live. I think that all organizations that do for others are wonderful, but doing something locally means a lot to me.
Also, the trust for the home as (it was) started by the Gorgas Family. I live on Gorgas Lane and live around the corner from Gorgas Park, so this just really struck a chord in me.”

What does the Roxborough Home for Women do?
“The RHW was initially the Rox Home for Indigent Women started by the Gorgas family in the late 1800’s. The original purpose was to provide a home for women who were poor and or widowed. Thankfully, they dropped the “indigent” part a long time ago. Today, we are an assisted living facility for women. While the ladies do pay minimal rent, the home provides all meals, laundry, entertainment, field trips, transportation to and from doctors appointments, movie nights, and afternoon tea.”

What’s the most rewarding thing about volunteering?
“The most rewarding thing about volunteering for anything is the sense of community and people you meet. They are always generally good people united for a common cause. It never fails to amaze me what happens when people come together. Everyone gives or does whatever they can. It always adds up to something phenomenal. The power of people coming together is great!”

Are there any specific stories that have resonated with you or stick in your mind in your time of volunteering?
“The stories that have always resonated with me are those of the ladies. Due to their age and experience’ they have so many stories and so much knowledge and history. It’s truly amazing. Earlier this summer, I was in one of the ladies’ rooms. She pulled out her wedding album from the 40’s. It was so touching that she would share that with me.
I think a lot of the time, older people are discounted or overlooked. That’s sad. So it means a lot to hear about their families, experiences and youth.”

What advice would you give to some own that is interested in volunteering or donating to a specific cause or organization?
“My advice would be this: do something you like for an organization that is local. Meet people. Help friends in need. Develop relationships and be a source of help or support for people in need. There is no shortage of need. Be it people, animals, or events. Jam for Jeff ( is a great example. I’ve never met Jeff however, his friends plan an incredible fundraiser every year, have fun while doing it and give back in his memory. That’s a beautiful thing! What an honor to his memory.”

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