Spooky Poll Results…

This week we’ve been getting ready for Halloween and talking about some frightening things. Our poll was based on the same topic and we appreciate all of you that answered! We’d love to still hear from you, so feel free to tell us in the comments section what your favorite Halloween traditions are, the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you, etc.

Are you a fan of Halloween?
Yes! I’ve even been known to dress up and join in the fun. 71.43%
Sort of. It’s for the kids. 28.57%
No! I wish it didn’t exist. 0%
Not really. I could do without the holiday. 0%

“My favorite holiday/occasion behind Christmas!”

“Its fun to dress up and be someone/some thing else.”

What Halloween traditions do you take part in?
Give out candy to trick or treaters 57.14%
Scary movie marathons 28.57%
Go to or have Halloween parties 14.29%
Trick or treating 0%
Haunted houses or hayrides 0%
Ignore trick or treaters while laying on the sofa watching tv 0%

“I love seeing the kids all dressed up.”

Speaking of spooky….have you ever experienced paranormal activity?
Yes 71.43%
I’m not sure 14.29%
No 14.29%

“A friend of mine lived in a house that we thought was haunted.”

“My childhood house was haunted.”

“My grandfather came to my brother and me right after he died in the hospital.”

“I live in a haunted house. That’s all I can say or she will get mad.”

“We have had 2 dogs that have sat at the bottom of our steps and then begin to bark as the hair on their backs raise. We haven’t seen or heard anything but the dogs definitely sense something.”

Do you believe in the afterlife?
Yes 71.43%
Unsure 28.57%
No 0%

“If there is an afterlife, then all living things go there. Because we are no better than any other living creature.”

“I believe that when we die we leave our bodies and we are reunited with our loved ones.”

What scares you more than anything?
“walking in a woods at night..”


“Unexpected bug on my body”

“The dentist.”

“Being trapped in a tight space where you can’t even move”

“People scare me more than ghosts.”

What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?
“Not sure.”

“Seeing my grandfather’s ghost”

“Root canal.”

“I don’t know if it’s the scariest thing that has ever happened to me but one time when I was hanging out with my sister and some friends at old Byberry. She played a joke on me and made me think she was abducted. It was a scary incident emotionally”

Speak your mind!

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