Results of our PollOn Gun Control…

This week showed use record numbers in our poll. Many people have strong opinions about this topic on all sides of the conversation. Some were neutral. Some were steadfast. Some a little, shall we say, spirited. Wherever you stand on this issue, we thank you for taking part and joining the conversation. We’re all in this together!

Do you own a gun?
No                     52.38%
Yes                    42.86%
Other Option       4.76%
“Not yet”


“Home protection. House behind me was victim of a home invasion.”

“Not opposed to owning a gun. I also believe it could have merit as protection in this increasingly violent society. But guns also make me uneasy. I certainly never would have had one all those years when my kids were in the house.”

“Would feel uncomfortable with a gun in my home.”

“Been wanting to get my permit forever. I’m just lazy.”

“No reason to own a gun”

“I would not feel safe with a gun in my home.”

“Protection only”

“I still have my late husband’s rifle.”

“I don’t feel the need currently to own a gun.”

Are you in favor of reforming gun laws in light of increasing gun violence in the country?
Yes                  71.43%
Undecided        9.52%
Other Option     9.52%
“Because if we enforced the laws we have already 85 percent of these and other shootings wouldn’t have happened i.e. Five years for any gun crime”
“Problem is, it’s too late to reform anything. The law abiding gun owners aren’t the problem.”
No 9.52%

“Enforcement of existing laws is crucial. Encroaching on individual liberties in the name of reactionary reasons not only will not stop crime but makes law abiding citizens less safe.”

“It’s a tough issue. Sure if there were no guns there would be no shootings. But at the same time, since day one, people have needed protection from the bad guys. Unfortunately bad guys are outnumbering the good guys these days. Can’t protect yourself from an attack with a gun with a baseball bat. You’ll die one hundred percent of the time.”

“Very much. I’d like to see a review of the system in place for background checks, as well as an investigation of the integrity and business practices of the nation’s gun dealers. As for the topic of mental health and guns, that can be hard to address — not everyone battling the disorder seeks treatment, because of the unfortunate stigma — but it’s hard to believe that some of these unstable shooters in recent years haven’t left some kind of paper trail that would show them to be unsuitable for gun ownership.”

“Would want longer grace periods from applying for a gun and buying it, better background checks and mental health history needs to be taken into account. Also laws in place for gun owners responsibly to keep their guns secure or face fines or jail time.”

“It’s easier to get a gun than to get an abortion or to vote.”

“It should be made very difficult to get a gun. And you should have to be inspected, both you and your gun every year.”

“Its about time.”

“Touchy subject. I guess it’s the fight fire with fire notion.”

“48-72 hour waiting period does not seem excessive. Most states that’s the standard for abortion.”

“I think gun dealers at gun shows should have to do a background check before selling guns.”

“it clearly needs to change.”

Why do you think there is such an increase in gun violence today?
People have become desensitized                                                                                          4.76%
Mental health issues (specifically psychosis and violent tendencies) are under treated       14.29%
Too many loopholes in being able to obtain guns                                                                  14.29%
Ability to get guns illegally                                                                                                      23.81%
Other Option                                                                                                                           42.86%
“Lack of individual responsibility.”
“Not enforcing laws on the books already”
“A small number of people are idiots”
“Not sure”
“Mental health and people have become desensitized”
“All of the above”

“Its easier to get a gun illegally than it is to get a box of cereal.”

“I think the cause for this increase goes beyond illegal weapons or mental health issues. There are societal issues. The big question is why are people so easily swayed to pull the trigger? Why are people so easily shot these days? I don’t know if it’s a shooter’s lack of a conscience, no respect for life . . . I just don’t know. I often wonder why this epidemic doesn’t exist in other countries.”


“Copy cat….People see ,People do.”

“Should at least have waiting period at gun shows.”

What are your thoughts on the second amendment?
Our forefathers would expect government and the people to revise it if it wasn’t working. Weapons have, after all, come a long way since the musket.       50%
It was written for a reason. Leave it alone.          25%
Other Option                                                        20%
“Criminals will always be able to get them if their is money to be
made political thoughts aside if every law abiding citizen gave up his or her guns we would be defenseless our police can’t handle Gun issues now what would happen if we were defenseless”
“Laws change to adapt to the times. The 2nd Amendment should as well.”
“Laws change to adapt to the times”
Get rid of guns all together.                                  5%

“Your premiss of changing the 2nd Amendment because weapons have evolved is debunked by your acceptance of the 1st Amendment even though we no longer write with a quill and parchment. Should we ban computers?”

“Guns protect.”

“It is well-known that the amendment was intended to arm state militias, and it’s true — it’s an 18th-century provision that is being manipulated in the craziness of 21st-century America. I get so impatient and pissed with gun advocates who wrongly insist that revision would be an attempt to strip their gun rights. So paranoid and misinformed . . . .”

“It is one of our rights to bear arms but I would want laws in place to make sure someone is cleared to own a gun of mental issues and a waiting period.”

“Although that’s not possible …so we should just forget about it and let people kill people its OK the gun didn’t do it.”

“When the government takes away that right….I am afraid that there will be kaos.”

“In original document it refers to militia. They didn’t have cell phones to call Police.”

“I don’t believe in changing the constitution it could become a slippery slope. We can add rights but not take them away.”

“while I would never support banning guns, it is too easy to get automatic weapons”

Have you ever…
Had to use a gun to protect yourself or a loved one?    6.67%
Been involved in a crime involving a gun?                    13.33%
Known someone involved in a gun crime?                    33.33%
Other Option                                                                  42.86%
“Been threatened with a gun”
“I have not but I’m ready”
“As a police officer”

“Walked out my door in broad daylight was assaulted by a six foot four adult male God only knows what would have happened if I wasn’t armed”

“I was robbed at gun point.”

“None of the above”

“Because I stay away from anyone who carries or owns guns”

“I have been threatened with a gun in my face…not a good feeling…”

“A friend robbed at gunpoint. Frightening.”

Speak your mind!

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