Waxing Poetic: Our Reader Submitted Works of Poetry

If you missed  our reader submitted story by writer John Taylor, check it out here. John’s published credits include
The Intelligencer, Irish Edition and BuxMont living.

Today, reader submitted poetry rounds out our week of poetry and prose.

how did I slip back in
gone for so long
feeling so strong
you make me weak
this is so wrong
felt so good
my mind in tact
how did i get
so far off track
i didn’t even
turn my back
and here you are again
pretend to be my friend
seep in there again
turn my thoughts to black
knife me in the back
loosing what i’d gained
took so much time
just let it go
i will be fine
just gotta get
out of my mind


A beautiful vision who loves you whole
Captivate your mind, capture your soul
Love you like you have never known
Take your heart make it my own

Wishing that you could escape my hold
That is a story too many times told
No one can leave me unless I agree
My love holds you in like a lock with no key

And if leaving shall be what I choose to do
You’ll beg me to stay to love you true

~Michelle M.

Nitrous queen
Huffin gas
Don’t know how much longer I can last
I can see my future but I’m stuck in the past
Don’t know how much longer I can last

Feels so mean
Like some cruel joke
I’ve been bending so long feel like I’m broke
Pick up the pieces take another toke
Been bending so long I feel like I’m broke

Rainy spring
A cold march night
It’s all heading south but it feels so right
Wound up in the dark following the light
It’s all burning down but it feels so right

Love is a Blessing
Never a Curse
I feel pretty down but I’ve felt a lot worse
Just a wrong turn not a turn for the worse
Love is a blessing never a curse

Paul Baroli Jr.

You stood tall for me when no one else would
Dug deep and did things I didn’t think you could

I might have Made a thousand woman moan but there’s only ever been one I called my own

So Thank You Babe for Lovin Me
For being my light when I was lost at Sea
For crying alone and letting me be
I once was blind but now I see

You waited so long
When dark nights became darker days
I wanted to come home, didn’t know the way
Just drifting farther and farther
no clarity in my haze

So now what do we do?
Ride off into the sunset just me and you?
Or blaze a trail of glory the likes no one ever knew

I’ll just keep singin I really don’t care
As long as I look out and see that stare
Your beautiful smile I know so well
Fueled with The Love of a Lifelong Dare

So Thank You Babe for Lovin Me
For being my light when I was lost at Sea
For crying alone and letting me be
I once was blind but now I see

~Paul Baroli Jr.

True love can not be tested
Nor can it be betrayed
My heart’s been toyed with too many times
It’s strings can no longer be played

Love should come naturally
when you least expect it to
One day you’ll find that if you have faith
love will find you too

`~Delilah Jones

Someone who listens when I talk
who’s not afraid to hear what I say

My needs
do I put them on a shelf

I’ve screamed a thousand times
That’s why you can’t see the pain

People need to be heard, understood
crying out

Two people, too different, to exist

~MG & CC

Two people in a crowd
of many
All are happy

Two laugh, two dance, two talk
A blue sky

The two are one
you see
All for each other

Two in everything they do
hands entwined
Smiles abound

Two loving each other’s
For always

~MG & CC

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