Sunday Spotlight…Capes and Cowls Comics and Collectibles

Today, to wrap up our week on comics, we’re featuring the store ‘Capes and Cowls Comics & Collectibles’, located at 527 Bristol Pike in Bensalem, PA.

How long has Duke Comics been in business?
“Capes and Cowls has been in business for five years.”

What made you open a comic book store?
“I was tired of working for corporations and I wanted to do something I was passionate about.”

Have you noticed a rise in sales over the last several years?
“Comics are a very cyclical business. There are initial rises in sales because of movies and TV, but the biggest thing is developing a weekly customer base. Those are the great folks that keep you around.”

Were you, personally, always a fan of comics and Sci-Fi?
“I’ve been into comics my whole life. I’m not very into science fiction, but I love Star Wars. There’s a difference, ask any Star Trek fan.”

Do you have a favorite series or character?
“I have a lot of favorites, my current favorite series would be Batman by DC Comics.”

What upcoming film translation of a comic are you most looking forward to?
“Definitely ‘Inhumans’. They’re really interesting characters who I think people will love once they are introduced to them.”

Back to your store: What do you think makes your store special or different from others?
“I’d say my shop is different in that I try to develop a rapport with all of my customers. I’m not a “comic snob” and the shop isn’t cliquey. I try to remember customers’ names, get into their interests and favorites. I always try my best to get something someone wants.”

Is there a website or Facebook page you’d like to send our readers to, to learn more about your store?
“The best way to keep up with the latest happenings is on our Facebook page. Capes and Cowls Comics & Collectibles.”

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