This Week’s Poll Results

Thanks to everyone who took the time to take our poll this week. Here’s what you had to say about religion and the upcoming papal visit to our city.

What religion do you practice?
38% responded Catholic
25% answered Jewish
13 % were Atheist
13% said Christian
13% replied Muslim

How dedicated to your religion are you?
25% said they don’t go to services, but pray and/or study their religion at home
25% go to services on holidays only
13% responded simply ‘other’
0% go to services every week
38% said none of the above.

How do you feel about Pope Francis?
58% answered ‘I love this guy’
14% said they can take him or leave him
0% say that they don’t care for him
29% responded other

Lastly, we asked ‘what are your plans during the papal visit’?
Here are some of the fill-in responses we received to this question.
Same ol
Go Insane, write my letter to the Vatican, asking for my missed pay
Stay away from the crowds
Stay away from the city
Watch on television
Stay away from Philly
Unsure… may brave the madness and venture into the city
See him on tv…will stay away from the crowds
I’m going to stay home with my dog and watch the mass on TV.
Stay far away from the mess and not even watching it on TV. I am counting down the days until it is all over. I work in town.

Speak your mind!

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