Pope Francis…A Young Woman Shares her Opinion of the Pontiff


Last week, our topic on One Unified Project was sex. This week we’re going in a completely different direction. With the upcoming Pope visit, we wanted to ask some opinions on Pope Francis. We talked to two practicing Catholics of different generations and we also spoke with someone who is Atheist. Today, we are talking to a young woman about faith and the Pope.

You are a practicing and devout Catholic. Have you always been?
“Yes, I was born and raised Catholic.”

How old are you?
“I am 20 years old.”

Did you go to Catholic school?
“Yes, I did.”

How big of a part of your life is religion?
“Religion is a big part of my life. As I said, I was born and raised Catholic, so every Sunday my family and I would go to mass to spend some nice quality time with our lord. We still do this each and every Sunday.”

Do your friends share your faith?
“Some of my friends share my faith. Not all are as devout as maybe I am, but each of them have their own ways of showing their faith.”

What has your faith meant to you?
“My faith means the world to me. It has shaped me into who I am today. Without my faith, I really don’t know who I’d be. It will always be a huge influence in my life and I plan on continuing the catholic faith with my children.”

What would happen if you married someone of a different faith and they wanted to incorporate their faith into raising the children?
“If I married someone of a different faith and they wanted to incorporate their faith into raising the children, I’d be a bit reserved. But maybe I’d see what their faith is and maybe we could incorporate both faiths into raising our children. I’m not against raising them something else, but since I was born and raised Catholic I would love it if my kids were as well.”

What do you think about Pope Francis and his visit to our city?
“I think the pope coming to Philadelphia is a huge deal. My father saw Pope John Paul II when he came here and said it was definitely a life changing experience. I think it’s a wonderful time for catholics from all around the world to come together and share in such a great and amazing experience.”

Will you be attending any of the festivities?
“Sadly, I will not be attending since I will be working. But, my parents and grandmother will be there to support and show some appreciation.”

Why do you think people are so endeared to this Pope?
“I think this pope is so endearing to people because he is a very simplistic person. He doesn’t want extravagant things and huge spectacles. He’d rather just have a small gathering and be able to express and share the faith that we all know and love.”

If you had the opportunity to meet Pope Francis, what would you say to him?
“I’d probably say thank you for bringing all of us Catholics together and showing that no matter what, our faith is number one and that we can put all our differences aside and unite together.”

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