This weeks poll results

Thank you to all who took the time to give their two cents on this weeks poll about sex. I must admit, I giggled at a couple of the answers here (can we get #bonersmatter to trend?). Good stuff readers.

1. Was sex a topic that was taboo in your family?
Yes 50%
No 42.86%
Other Option 7.14%
“Not sure”

“growing up I had a single mother that had very negative views on sex.”

“my parents were born again christians you are only supposed to sleep with your wife.”

“Not discussed one way or the other”

“Paying retail was taboo.”

“I guess because it was never spoken about. But if we had a question, it got answered.”

“My parents were immigrants. We just didn’t talk about it.”

“One of those things where you just had to be there.”

“I’m not sure it was taboo, it just wasn’t something we talked about. Probably a comfort level thing that lacked in our family.”

2. Do you think people are too uptight where the subject of sex is concerned?
Yes 68.75%
No 18.75%
Other Option 12.5%
“depends on the situation approached correctly, no. incorrectly epic fail”

“sex is fun. sex is powerful. sex should not be thought of with limits in my opinion.”

“depends on the person and situation.”


“Try yelling “vagina” in public sometime….you’ll see how uptight people get, and that isn’t even the cunty way of saying woman parts.”

“It should be discussed starting at a very young age. It should not be a taboo issue. If it was more openly talked about, it could help prevent unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. Stay open on the subject and let your children know that you are there for them and not judgemental if they need questions answered.”

“I’m sure religion is a big part if it.”

“No, I think they’re too loose”

“Depends on the person”

3. Are there things you’d like to add to your sex life that you’re afraid to tell your partner?
No 80%
Yes 20%
I’m afraid to even answer this question 0%

“even as open as we are, I still feel some shame in some of my desires.”

“I wouldn’t want to push someone away by asking for something outside their comfort zone, and by asking it might just do that”

“I tell her crazy shit all the time”

“She is aware of my quest for a bisexual Swedish chef that will service both of us in the bedroom and the kitchen.”

“I was lucky to have a partner that I was able to talk to about what I wanted during sex. He was very accommodating to make it as pleasurable for me as it was for him.”

“We are good. ?”

“They never go in that drawer.”

“Not afraid to tell them just don’t as previous discussions were fruitless.”

4. Has sex ever been the reason you’ve stayed or ended a relationship?
No 56.25%
Yes 31.25%
Partly 12.5%

“long term thing we held onto sex to try and make it work”

“I got dumped for being a prude and I’ve spent the last 29 years making up for it.”

“No, but it is the only reason that I do dishes and take out the recyclables.”

“There were other reasons I would end a relationship. But I did find that if they were inconsiderate to my needs… They were the same way in their attitude in life, so I guess it went hand in hand.”

“2 second wonder”

“Sometimes it was the entirety of the relationship.”

5. How important, in a relationship, is good sex?
81-100% 33.33%
61-80% 46.67%
Other Option 13.33%
“Not sure”
41-60% 6.67%
21-40% 0%
0-20% 0%

“it’s not a complete deal breaker but you can only get yourself off so much.”

“Have to get as much as we can before we are old and gross.”

“If you are in a relationship and it is not good you should end it. There is such a thing as bad sex and bad pizza that’s why I never got that old saying, if Papa John isn’t satisfying your appetite, call Enrico, or heat up your own pie.”

“This changes as you get older and grow closer. When you are young and developing a relationship, it is very important, but as you get older, you grow closer and sex is not that important anymore. The closeness you feel towards each other is the best feeling ever.”

“Intimacy is required in order to keep your relationship strong. If you don’t have good chemistry, you won’t be interested in doing much together.”

“At my age, any sex is impressive.”

“Not sure how to put a percentage to it but it’s very important to have a partner who shares your sexual desires or who is open to allowing them to be fulfilled otherwise.”

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