Results of our 9/11 Poll

Has your life changed since 9/11/01? If yes, how?
Yes 54.55%
No 27.27%
Other 18.18%

Those that answered “other
“Life always changes”

“I think I’m more worried about the world.”

“Feel less secure!”

“I am more appreciative of life and more conscious of the possibility that disaster can impact me and those I love. I also am thankful for those in service professions who put their lives on the line on a daily basis- 9/11 showed me how indispensable first responders are to our nation.”

“I have children now and I think 9/11 taught me to appreciate life and to teach them the same.”

“I’m always watchful of others now”

“I think our country’s innocence was lost that day.”

Do you believe our country is safer than it was in 2001?
Yes 36.36%
No 27.27%
It’s the same 18.18%
Unsure 18.18%

“I don’t feel unsafe but I don’t feel safer since 2001”

“I think we are more aware of our surroundings.
The downside to me is that this awareness can lead to predijuce!”

“With all of the NSA spying it better be.”

“I think our vulnerability taught us that training, vigilance, security, and defense are crucial for the well-being of our nation.”

“The government has put things in place to help the security of our country. However, the people doing the actual jobs don’t care and doublecheck anyone. so we’re not really secure”

“I think ISIS is a bigger threat than our government is willing to acknowledge. The refugee crisis in Europe is proof that things are getting worse”

Do you think the attacks on 9/11 could have been avoided?
Not sure 54.55%
No 27.27%
Yes 18.18%

“An attack on our soil was bound to happen.”

“I feel that we were too complacent, naive, and trusting.”

“Not one to play Monday morning quarterback, especially with something this big.”

“I don’t think so- hindsight is always 20/20. We weren’t looking for terrorists, and certainly not on planes.”

“Better security checks and things like that might have helped, but ultimately no one can really say for sure.”

“they would have eventually got into us somehow”

“I’m not sure anyone could believe that what happened that day was possible.”

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