Union Dues. Labor Union Supporters Sound Off!

It’s Labor Day weekend! We changed things up a bit for this unofficial end of summer holiday, and we hope you’ve been following along and answering our questions this week.

We talked to one proud member of Steamfitters Local 420 (I’m totally serious. They’re steamfitters. For real.). He’s been a union member for 27 years and admits that the presence of the union was definitely a factor in him taking the job. So, how about you? Are you in a union? Let us know that you’re a proud union member by telling us your local here or on our Facebook page.

Our friend from Local 420 told us that in his opinion, it benefits him to have the union position over a non union job in the same field. He pays his dues and in return the union is there to assist him in finding another job should he be laid off or relocated. Plus they pay your pension, offer a typically higher wage, and if you run into an issue with the company or job site you’re working for, the union is there to back you. In his personal experience, members of the union were there to offer assistance and support to he and his family around the holidays one year, during a time when he was between jobs and his wife was laid off as well.

Do you feel the same? And if you’re a union member, have you ever had to go on strike? Our friend from local 420 whom we talked to had not ever personally had to, but let us know that he would never cross the picket line of another trade union. How about you?

One thought on “Union Dues. Labor Union Supporters Sound Off!

  1. I’ve been a sheet metal worker for 32 years, local 19. renovating and restoring metal on the exterior of old buildings, churches and universities is my specialty. I agree 100% with the fitter that you interviewed. My Union also gives benefits to those who are unemployed, and they help you find a job also. I would not do this trade if it were not for the union. Union jobs are not only safer and pay more, but they are much more a happy place to work.


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