Music in Schools….Results of our Poll

Thank you to our readers that participated in our poll this week about music in schools. Here are the results:

Did you have music in school?
75% said yes
12.5% said yes! but extracurricular
12.5% chose other (not really)

“At 57, I was schooled in the 60’s and 70’s. Music was taught every year through High School.”

“I went to Catholic school long ago and if you couldn’t afford after-school piano lessons, all you got was learning hymns unless your teacher was personally driven to offer something.”

Do you feel having a music class is as important as other subjects?
100% said yes!

“It’s been proven to increase level of mastery in so many other areas…..,acquisition of language, math skills, memory, increased test scores.”

“It helps develop reading skills and memorization.”

Would you be willing to contribute financially to schools so they can offer a music program?
75% said yes
25% said undecided

“If it helps them learn, it would be worth it.”

How do you think music programs would benefit kids?
“Music programs benefit kids in a variety of ways. For starters, it gives them a great community to participate in however many times a week. My high school choir was an incredibly influential group. Other than community, it gives the students a break from the gruesome math and science.”

“See Q 2 above. And also, it’s FUN!!”

Speak your mind!

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