Sunday Spotlight: Pure Jerry

This week, with Jerry Week in our rear view mirror, we moved on to a fresh new topic- forgiveness. It’s been a great week talking to people, hearing incredible stories of complete forgiveness (and maybe not so much) and more! Today in our featured Sunday Spotlight, we’re slipping back into music mode, and paying Jerry Week one final adieu until next year. Today we’re shining our (love)light on the band, Pure Jerry.

Pure Jerry brings to life the music and the spirit of the late Jerry Garcia.

Michael Morrow was kind enough to take time out to talk to me a little about the band.

purejerry1How did the band come to be the band- how did you wind up with your present lineup?
The band came together in 2012 after I had played for many years with a number of GD cover bands, reggae and jam bands on the road as a sideman. In 2010, I was playing with Steal Your Face, Splintered Sunlight, Grizful Dead on keyboards… just kinda lying low. Out of the blue I got the call from Melvin Seals and JGB to audition for the guitar spot. My friend (JGB bassist) Jimmy Tebeau contacted me after Stu Allen announced his departure. So I went out west and played but was passed over in favor of current guitarist Dave Hebert. Since I had done a few months of prep for that gig, a JGB style band seemed fun, interesting and timely. I just did not want to go back to being a hired player. Organist John Bigham is a huge Melvin fan and we knew just what to do. We have gone through a few lineup changes since our start but we recently settled into a solid group. Marci has been instrumental in helping me keep things together and get to where we have.

For those who might not know, what is your role in the band?
I play and sing the Jerry Garcia parts.

What sets you apart? Why should people come out and see Pure Jerry?
purejerry3The reason people should come and see us play is because we capture a sound that no longer exists. We have a lot in common with bands like Dark Star Orchestra, in so far as we bring a certain vibe of excellence without fakeness. Besides the modern version of JGB that everyone has heard, we also play Keystone era and classic rarities from the seventies and onward. For the discerning Deadhead, we are something different… a moment in time revisited. The music was the stuff Garcia really wanted to play and it has power. Our people just love what we do and they tell us all the time. We could not be happier.

And if people do want to come and check you out, what’s coming up next for you
Our next show is August 28th at World Cafe Live w/Karmic Repair Co. Then Aug 29th is a headlining spot at Wizfest in Laurens NY.

PURE JERRY is:purejerry2
Michael Morrow- Vocals, Guitar
Ivan Funk- Drum
John Bigham- Organ, Piano
Marci Segal- Vocals
Raija Madsen- Vocals
Keith Synder- Bass

For more information on upcoming gigs, band members or to see past set lists (trust me, they’re pretty cool), head over to their website and we hope to see you out at a show soon.

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