Forgiveness…Poll Results

This week was a tough one and required some baring of ones soul. We appreciate those of you that seriously shared your heart with us. Thank you. One Unified Project.

1. Have you ever done something wrong to someone and not been forgiven?
66.67% said yes
33.33% said no
“I was super awesome and haters gonna hate”

2. What’s the worst thing you’ve that’s ever been done to you, and did you forgive them?
“My bestfriend of 25 years was saying horrible stuff behind my back. It turns out she was jealous of me.”

“Mentally, physically, sexually and emotionally abused. Not forgiven.”

“yesterday, my Grandmom wouldn’t let me borrow her stupid car NO”

3. What do you feel is unforgivable?
“She was my bestfriend. I thought i could tell her anything. I was always there when she needed me. Sigh she hated me all these years.”

“Not being the mother I should have been when my children needed me the most.”

“see above”

Speak your mind!

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