This weeks poll results…

Thank you to those who participated in this weeks Grateful Poll. Here are the results:

1. Have you ever been to a Grateful Dead show?
I lost count: 66.67%
No: 16.67%
31-60 shows: 16.67%
11-30 shows: 0%
1-10 shows: 0%

“1 show was in 1979 and last was 1994 I did about 25 per year”

“I didnt really lose count but its over 60 so that was the next option.”

“About 40 with Jerry and another 50 without.”

2. For the “Fare Thee Well” shows, did you:
None of the above: 42.86%
Watched a pay per view event, etc.: 28.57%
Listened to a stream: 28.57%
Go to California: 0%
Go to Chicago: 0%

“Wish I could”

“got them on comcast”

“I was away on vacation”

“I would have loved to been there to see them live, but watching pay per view all three nights was good enough.”

“Didn’t wanna go with Trey playing guitar. Now I wish I had gone.”

3. Where were you when you heard the news of Jerry Garcia’s passing?
“tok ak”

“Sleeping in my bed. My mom came in and woke me and told me.”

“At work (worst job i ever held ) fitting, getting the worst news there”

“I was at work when I heard it on the radio. Very sad”

“i don’t know”

“At work. Thought someone was messing around cause they always did that to me. Put on WXPN to hear it was true.”

“Driving to San Jose”

4. What is your favorite Grateful Dead song?
“eyes of the world”

“Scarlet Begonias”

“all of them”

“There are too many to say. I heard “Sunrise” the other day at sunrise, and I was touched.”


“The other one- comes a time”

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