Results of A Furry Poll…

Thank you to everyone that took part in this weeks poll! Here are the results:

1. Do you have pets?
100% said yes
“I’m not sure if I have pets or my pets have me.”

2. If so, how many?
100% selected 1-3
“1 parrot and many many tropical fish. My parrot is 34 and some of my fish are 20 years old.”

“1 is enough for my home.”

3. If not, why?
No answers on this question.

4. If you have pets, what kind do you have?

“2 dogs, guinea pig”

“1 dog and one cat”

“Parrot and fish”

“I have 1 very cute beagle.”



5. What do you love about having pets?

“I mainly have them for my kids.”

“Their unconditional love”

“My parrot is family and maybe even more intelligent then some of my family members”

“I enjoy the companionship and he gives me unconditional love. He is also the only one that still listens to me.”

“most of the time”

Speak your mind!

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