At the Movies…Poll Results

1. Where is your favorite place to see a movie?
45% said at home
33% said in a theater
11% said drive in theater
11% chose “other”
Comments from those that chose “other”
“its about how i saw movies when i was a little boy”

Please help us understand why you selected your answer

“movies were made for the big screen. iMax is OK, but 3D is way overrated.”

“Best snacks. Big ass TV”

“Too bad there are not more Drive-in theaters”

“People annoy me when they talk or look at their phones. If I do go to the theater, it’s only after the movie has been playing for a few weeks to weed out the crowd. I also tend to pick a theater that busses don’t stop near to avoid people that aren’t from the area.”

“More comfortable.” (We assume this was a comment on movies at home.)

2. What is your favorite genre of film?
50% said comedy
25% chose “other”
12.5% said romantic comedy
12.5% said science fiction
Comments from those that chose “other”:
2 commented “action”

Please help us understand why you selected this answer:
“The Marvel movies are awesome. Movies can be made to express a point of view or to open our eyes to a cause that needs attention, but when I really think of what I am looking for most of the time with a movie, it’s to escape and action movies give that to me.”

“Because I’m a nerd on the inside”

3. What is your favorite movie of all time?

“The Empire Strikes Back”

“One Flew over the cuckoos nest”

“Hunt for Red October”

“Texas chainsaw massacre”

“Sound of Music”

4. What is the most memorable movie line of all time, to you?
“Rocky V. Motivational speech of Rocky to his son. “Nothing hits harder than life….” That whole scene. Rocky has the best motivational lines.”

“may The Force be with you…. (and also with you… :)”

“as you wish”


“Boats and hoes”

“If you build it, he will come.”

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