Movies & Summertime. Our Picks for This Season’s Best Outdoor Movie Screenings.

Who doesn’t love a good movie? A nail-biting drama? A tear-jerker love story? Perhaps a riotous comedy? Movies might just be America’s other great pastime. Our love affair with movies goes all the way back to the turn of the century when silent movies with film stars like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton gave people something that they never imagined before. Making movies as a form of pure entertainment eventually evolved to an art form, and eventually a cultural phenomenon.

movie1The first movie with sound and synchronized dialogue, 1927’s The Jazz Singer starring Al Jolson, told the musical story of a famous jazz singer who began as a young Jewish boy who defies the traditions of his cantor father and devout Jewish family. Since the days of Al Jolson, and the first days of the “talkies”, our movie passion has seen a steady incline. Though peaks and valleys in popularity have been a natural occurrence through the years, movies have continued to permeate every aspect of our culture. We take our kids to the movies to entertain them. We take our love interests there on first dates. The movies are often one of the first places we are allowed to go independently, without our parents or some other chaperone. We have elaborate parties and office pools that revolve around movie award’s programs. And we, as a society, are obsessed with movie stars and the celebrity lifestyle. So it’s easy to see how we can devote a whole week to movies, moviegoers, and our love of things that are movie related.

Perhaps though, you don’t think of movie going as a summer activity? If you think heading out to catch the latest action flick or the newest scary story to hit the big screen is more of a rainy day or cold weather activity, think again. There’s nothing like a beautiful starry summer night. So, what could be better than enjoying the latest blockbuster or an old family favorite under the summer sky with a comfy blanket, a cool beverage, and a friend… or a few. If you’ve never heard of events like Screenings Under the Stars, then you will definitely want to read on and check out our top selections for summer screenings in and around the Philly area! There’s something for everyone, from family films to more eclectic selections.
And if you’re familiar with other summer outdoor movie events, please feel free to share them with us here or on our Facebook page.
One frequent outdoor movie goer and One Unified reader had this to say, “It’s great because it’s something fun you domovie 2 with your whole family. It gets the kids outside and off of the electronics, and almost all of the events that we go to are totally free. Some even have complimentary beverages and snacks.” And another offered this, “It’s a good place to take a date. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, outside under the stars, and it’s free so if you’re too busy talking to watch, you don’t lose out. Plus, it saves the cash that you can use for dinner or drinks afterwards.”

Many events do have food and beverages available for purchase on site. Be prepared with your own beverages and food or check each events website prior to going for information on any available selections. Don’t forget to bring a blanket or lawn chair to all events.

Screenings Under The Stars. Summer Movie Series at Penn’s Landing.
When: Every Thursday in July and August at dusk.
Where: On the big screen at The Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing.
Cost: Free
July 23: Back to the Future
July 30: Home
August 6: Annie
August 13: Lego Movie
August 20: Cinderella
August 27: Guardians of the Galaxy

Fringe Arts Outdoor Movie Series 
When: Every Wednesday beginning at 8:30 until August 26th.
Where: Fringe Arts (Beer Garden) Columbus Blvd (At Race street).
Cost: Free
July 22: Pulp Fiction
July 29: Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samaurai
August 5: The Big Lebowski
August 12: Jaws
August 19: The Birds
August 26: Dirty Dancing

The Awesome Fest’s Movie Screening in the Park
When: Friday nights at 9 until August 14.
Where: Liberty Lands Park 926 N. American St. (Northern Liberties)
Cost: Free
July 17: Catch Me Daddy
July 24: Body
July 31: Uncle Kent
August 7: Sun Choke
August 14: Dethgasm

Franklin Square Saturday Night at the Movies (Kids movie screenings)
When: 3 Saturday nights this summer. 7-11 p.m.
Where: Franklin Square
Cost: Movie is Free. Carousel and mini golf available for additional cost.
•July’s movie had already taken place at less time.
August 15: Dolphin Tale
September 5: Ghostbusters

The Clark Park Movie Series
When: Friday nights from August 21st through September 18th at dusk.
Where: Clark Park 4398 Chester Ave. University City
Cost: Free
August 21: The Incredibles
August 28: Casablanca
September 4: Little Shop of Horrors
September 11: Selma
September 18: Best In Show *Pets welcome for the pet parade preceding the movie*

Collingswood Summer Movie Nights
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays all summer long at dusk.
Where: Knight Park, Browning Rd. and Collings Ave.
Cost: Free
Tuesday Nights:
July 21: Big Hero 6
July 28: The Lego Movie
Thursday Nights:
July 23: Hachi
July 30: Field of Dreams
August 6: Shrek the Third
August 13: Into the Woods
August 20: Planes: Fire & Rescue
August 27: E.T.

Asbury Park Movie Nights
When: Jul 30- Aug 27 at dusk
Where: Asbury Park Boardwalk (Langosta Lounge)
Cost: Free
July 30: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
August 6: The Simpsons Movie
August 13: Better Off Dead
August 20: Jaws
August 27: The Muppet Movie (original)

One thought on “Movies & Summertime. Our Picks for This Season’s Best Outdoor Movie Screenings.

  1. I was at a festival about a month ago and some folks brought out a GIANT projector screen,I hung out on an air mattress nwith about 30 folks and watched the lorax,I had so much fun, I truly appreciate this list,if you haven’t done this Please make the effort, you can’t help but have fun


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