Body Image…Poll Results

1. Have you ever felt ashamed of your physique or suffered with poor body image?
92% said yes
8% said no

“My sister told me I was fat in fourth grade.”

“Too short. Too tall. Too fat. Too thin. Pms dictates it!”

“I have never been thrilled with my body. I’m a little curvy and short so I always feel chubby.”

“Right now I am very overweight and need to lose 70 pounds or so and am not happy with myself.”

“When I was younger, but now I don’t care what people think”

“I’ve never liked the way I look. Not when I was younger, not now that I’m older. Can’t explain why.”

“I’m a very tall female. guys tend to pick shorter mates. I am overweight, but it doesn’t bother me until i see a bad picture. I don’t think I look terribly bad, but it’s all a different story when naked.”

2. What do you think is the biggest culprit that contributes to poor body image?
46.15% said media and celebrities
23.08% said upbringing
15.38% chose “other”
15.38% said entirely in our own minds
0% said clothing companies
0% said friends

“Societal Conditioning”

“All of the above”

“Of course, that includes all of these things. It’s not any one of them.”

“Air brushing”

“We are constantly hit with images of the “perfect body” and its not realistic for the majority of people.”

“It’s disgraceful and parents/people should be ashamed of themselves if they create THIS monster inside other people.”

“The media portrays women being too thin and that is unrealistic.”

“The media with all the celebrities that have breast implants and steroids”

“People see celebs and models when they have full makeup and hair done or when they have airbrushing and camera tricks and they believe they really look like that and they just don’t. And that is what they use to compare themselves. That’s what they define as beautiful.”

“You could gain to lose a few pounds. Normal thing to hear in my house growing up.”

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