Body Image…He Wrote the Book on Healthy Living

Today we are joined by Keith Null, author of “Musclegasm”.
We’re talking about body image this week on One Unified Project. You are very health conscious, so much so, that you wrote a book. First, how did become so passionate about fitness and good health?
“I’ve always been into sports. My mother tells me that one of the first statements I said to her was, “Play ball”. I went on to win many awards in soccer and baseball. However, I did not really truly appreciate what a fit body can do for you until I visited my great Aunt Candice Barton, who was an Olympic synchronized swimming coach. After a day of getting pounded by big surf, I had sore shoulder and knots in my back. My aunt gave me a deep pressure massage by digging her elbow into one of those muscle knots. It hurt like the Dickens for many minutes as she applied elbow pressure to that muscle. Then all at once, that spastic muscle released all its tensions and became soft, subtle. It was like a muscle orgasm. Hence the name of my book, ”MUSCLEGASM”. Yes, my 82-year-old aunt gave me my first musclegasm. This was fascinating to me and prompted me to educate myself on such matters. So off to Temple University for sports medicine I went and graduated top of my class. Since then, I have helped many people solve health problems that all the doctors and mainstream medicine could not.”

What type of information is in your book?
“MUSCLEGASM” was written to be a book on how to maintain and improve the performance of one’s body. As we age, the body’s posture starts to fade with the spine increasing its curves. Once this happens, we age fast because bad posture produces stress and stress produces hormones like cortisol, which breaks down tissues and cause diseases like cancer. The main reason for this is that we have a decrease lung functioning as we age. When that happens, people become “back breathers”, which means you breath by expanding your upper back as one inhales. This is not good because it forces your spine to become curved. Proper breathing derives from the diaphragm, which causes the stomach area to expand with each breath, not your upper back. A chapter in my book, called, “Gravity Yoga”, addresses this issue. This is a series of stretches that are performed by lying on your back and letting gravity force the spine into alignment and allowing the diaphragm to breath correctly. In my book, there are two chapters on self-massage that utilizes hard rubber, preferable lacrosse balls that are rolled on the back, much in the same way that my aunt used her elbow to unlock spastic, sore muscles. There is a weight-training chapter in my book that completely changes the rulebooks. My technique uses very little weight and gets very large results. It is also therapeutic and very gentle on the joints but the gains are huge. Maintaining muscle as we age is a huge problem and this solves it. There is also a chapter on diet. Unlike my other chapters which are of my own invention, my chapter on diet is from what the most progressive universities are teaching at this moment. It’s not difficult to understand and is a must read. I am healthier, more powerful and graceful now that I’m 52 then when I was an All-Public soccer player in high school. Everyone can turn his or her lives around. And I want to help you.”


Why do you think people have such poor body image issues?
“I feel many people have poor body image issues because with all the fad diets and bullshit exercise programs that people have endured, and with no results or even negative results, that many people have given up. The fact is, NO FAD DIET HAS EVER WORKED!!!! Fad diets only make things worse. If weight loss is a major concern for you, then a well balanced diet with exercise is what is needed. It doesn’t mean being on the treadmill for hours a week either. Read my book and you will learn what it takes to lose weight and become more fit and confident. Once results are noticed, you will feel proud and confident, and that’s the hardest hurdle to overcome.”

What advice would you give someone that is looking to incorporate healthier habits and diet?
“The biggest challenge for people to stay fit is the lifestyle change. You must be able to donate at least an hour a day to yourself for exercise. You need to stop buying foods that are unhealthy and inflammatory. People don’t like change and as we get older that gets reinforced even more. You can have the body you dream of. And this dream will become easier to obtain once you get in a routine and see results.”

Many people would hear you say they should exercise an hour a day, and be overwhelmed at that amount of time. How would you reply to that?
“If a person tells me that they have absolutely no time for exercise, I have to tell them to find the time somehow. Even if you miss an hour of sleep to do some yoga and stretching, find the time. Because that hour of yoga will yield a better, more restful night sleep then you would get if no exercise was being done. However, you can always eat well and try to do whatever you do during the day in the best form, balance and posture that you can. If you work at a desk, make sure your posture is correct. If you do something repetitive, try using your left hand instead of your right, and so on. You can always learn to sleep on your back to promote good posture as well. All of which takes no time out of your day but will lead to a healthier you.”

Is your book still available? If so, how can people get their hands on one?
“Yes my book, “MUSCLEGASM” can be purchased on Amazon, Borders and Barnes and Noble. However, to me, life isn’t about money but giving back to society that has giving me so much. So I’m giving my book to anyone that wants to improve his or her lives. Yes, it’s free to anyone! Just ask my friends here at One Unified Project for an e-book copy. My music is for everyone to enjoy. Also, if anyone likes what I have to say, friend me on Facebook, comment, or feel free to ask me questions.”

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