When I Was Your Age….Poll Results

Thank you to those that took our poll this week about kids and if you could do it again. Some results weren’t surprising, some were. Every generation deals with nay sayers of the generations before them. Some of it stems from fear of losing touch, unfamiliarity, and let’s face it, some people are just mean. Wherever you stand on these topics, we hope we all find a way to help one another, including our children, be our best version of ourselves for the rest of the world.
Here are the results:

1. Do you think kids have it easier today than when you were a kid?
50% said yes
25% said no
18.75% said it’s about the same
6.25% chose “other”

“Way more peer pressure growing up to quickly too much pressure on their little shoulders”

“Social media, makes it harder to be yourself, sorta get bullied into doing things they normally do.”

“Simple differences, walking everywhere, no phone usage, very little TV .Large geographical area to play.”


“I have two grandchildren. we all are making them too old too quick. when I was six mom did it all. Now they do it for themselves which I find sad they grow up way too fast.”

“They have so many more opportunities, so many more material things, and so much less discipline and punishment.”

“Way too much pressure on so many levels; there’s no learning curve for a lot of things, esp. social media. Nothing to do at night, e.g. dances. Feel sorry for them.”

“Technology has made some things easier for kids in my opinion.”

“They have better technology to help them. Everything is politically correct & socially acceptable now which makes things easier on children. I also think the education system is more laxed”

“There are things on both sides of the docket. Kids have more of a sense of entitlement. They have information more readily available with the internet. But they seem to feel more pressure to succeed. I, as a child, had fewer rules because of societal changes.”

“I think that there is much more violence among young children. We may have had fist fights but young kids are getting shot and stabbed.”

2. Do you believe the generation, that are now young adults, are on the right path to creating a good future for our country?
52.94% were undecided
29.41% said no
17.65% said yes

“When playing any game, there is always some one who wins, and someone that doesn’t. That’s not what kids are taught today, they don’t keep score, so there aren’t any “losers”. Just because you don’t win, doesn’t make you a loser, you learn from that and try to improve. If there are no winners or 2nd place, why try to improve.”

“Better informed in technology. Instant access to information.”

“Only the nerdy ones though, the rest of them are idiots.”

“Too materialistic. It’s rush rush. They need time to be children instead of pushing them so hard let kids be kids bring more joy less stress.”

“I think some are, some aren’t.”

“Seem to be doing better, more honorable things than previous generation, but only time will tell.”

“For some of the reasons I mentioned above, I don’t think this is helpful to our children/young adults”

“There are too many other variables.”

“They think they are entitled to everything they want without having to work for it. There are some exceptions.”

3. What do you think is the greatest attribute of the young generations?
37.5% said technology
37.5% said tolerance
18.75% said forward thinking (outside of the box)
6.25% said compassion
0% said better decisions as to where our money is spent

“I can’t think of 1 attribute, nobody takes blame for anything they do.”

“They seem to accept everything on face value.”

“More awareness/acceptance of special needs, gay rights, interracial couples …..Things that have always been around but nobody ever talked about. Social networks have helped (I think)”

“With forward thinking all is possible tolerance compassion”

“They have a lot of advantages and live in a time where they can have very progressive thoughts and run with them without fear of censorship or retaliation.”

4. What do you miss most about being a kid?
56.25% said no responsibilities
31.25% said playing outside
6.25% said Saturday cartoons
6.25% chose “other”
0 said school


“Life was slower, easier. Our biggest problem, can not compare to the problems children and young adults face today.”

“Not just less responsibility, less awareness of anything outside family or neighborhood.”

“I’m immature. Paying bills and going to work sucks. Even though I love my job, I don’t like paperwork or dealing with administration.”

“Everything lol”

“All of the above”

“All of the above”

“Watching the Saturday cartoons was the best part of being a kid.”

“Just to have more time to do it would be great.”

5. If you could, would you want to go through childhood and adolescence again?
57.14% said no
28.57% said yes
14.29% chose “other”

“Maybe early 20s”

Only from like 18 on.”

“Even though being young should be the best times of your life, I’m ok with that stuff behind me. Sure I would like to get up in the morning, no aches and pains, but then I’d have to work for 45 years, go to war, all the bad along with the good. I couldn’t be in a better place, got really lucky, ended up in Hawaii, retired, with the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, how much more could you ask of life.”

“I was very self contained, shy. Became much more outgoing and social.”

“I would only if I had the knowledge of what I understand now.”

“Maybe this time I’ll get it right”

“I’d like to correct some mistakes I made.”

“But only if I could do it back then, not now”

“If you got to keep all your knowledge and experience then, Absolutely! Who wouldn’t and why wouldn’t you?”

“I had epilepsy as a child. It was not an easy childhood. I have no desire to do it over”

“No, I am generally happy where I am. It would be cool to experience the good times again. But not the entire stage of life, too many emotional ups and downs.”

“Been there done that. Looking forward. Not backward”

“Hated school. Of course I hate working too.”

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