We Asked, They Answered. Straightforward Answers to Simple Questions From Kids Ages 5-10.

Let’s face it, kids are funny. They say funny things. They make funny sounds. Okay, they do things that at times makes you wonder what the hell you were thinking having children, but most of the time you look back on those things later and find that they too were pretty funny.
For almost 7 years I wrote in an entirely satirical and sarcastic style. I wrote mostly about babies, and kids, and the parenting of those two groups. I wrote about the midnight feedings and the lost brain cells; about the late night glasses of wine chugged down hidden behind the laundry room door while everyone was finally, FINALLY sleeping. Wait. Did I write about that or just think it out loud?

kidstalkEither way, co-producing all of the content here at One Unified with Noelle has been a big departure from what I typically do, from what I thought I knew. Co-authoring pieces of sometimes such a serious nature has been a whole new world for me personally. It’s interesting and it’s exciting. This week though, getting back to talking to kids, talking about kids, and poking fun a bit at the whole parent/child dynamic, has been so much fun for me. It was like a return trip to my comfort zone. I hope those of you who never read any of my previous writing and may not be familiar with my style, weren’t too offended by anything I may have discussed with the kids, or written in our posts.
(This is the part where I’d usually say, just kidding! I actually don’t care a bit if you were offended! But, I’m embracing the more serious, professional side of me these days)

In any case, it’s been a lot of fun this week. The teenage girls, well, let’s just say I’ve had pelvic exams that went more smoothly, and the father and son, I think my ears are still tired. Although 45 minutes after the conclusion of the interview I was still learning why Hulk would beat 99% of other superheros in a street fight. So, there’s that. Please enjoy this final installment of kid’s perspectives and come back and see our kid-themed double Spotlight of the week this Sunday!
– Michelle

We grabbed some kids and asked them the same simple questions. Here’s who they are and how they answered.
A- an 8-year-old boy
B- a 6-year-old boy
C- a 10-year-old girl
D- a 5-year-old girl

Do you know who the President of the United States is?kidstalk2
A: Barack Obama
B: Barack Obama
C: Barack Obama
D: I learned it in Kindergarten but I forget.
I’m almost certain I did not know at 5 or 6 who the President was!

Do you know who the Vice President is?
A: Not really
B: No
C: I can’t remember his name.
D: Ummmm no.
I still am not sure who the Vice President is! 😉

What state do you live in?
A: New Jersey
B: New Jersey
C: New Jersey
D: New Jersey
They’re so proud. For now…

Do you know who the Governor is in that state?
A: Chris Christie
B: That guy on t.v. I forget his name.
C: No but my D.A.R.E. paper was signed by him. I forget.
D: Hmmmm.. not really.
Sure, these questions were answered a few days ago when the state still had a Governor.

How old is your Mom?
A: 44
B: 40
C: 43 I think
D: 25. No 30.

Do you think that’s old?
A: No
B: A little old. Not as old as my Grandma though, she’s like 68!
C: Middle-aged
D: A little.

Where is someplace that you have been on a trip?
A: Vermont
B: New York
C: Tennessee
D: The shore. We go every week.

How far do you think it is from your house to that place?
A: 10,000 miles
B: Like 5 hours by car or 3 hours by boat.
C: Like 6 hours or something. I forget.
D: A long time in the car and my brother bothers me the whole time in our car.
Apparently one of them is sailing to the great island of New York State!

What do you think you might want to be when you grow up?
A: A person who does special forces, like military special forces.
B: A guy who says the weather on t.v.
C: A Marine Biologist
D: A ballerina or Belle.

How much money do you think that job pays?
A: I guess like $70 per person they save.
B: I think like a hundred. But probably less if it rains because people will be sad and not want to pay you.
If only weather really worked that way.
C: I don’t know. Like a thousand maybe.
D: A ballerina probably makes, I don’t know a lot. Belle probably doesn’t make that much but its okay because she already has a big house.

Do you think you’ll get married someday?kidstalk4
A: Yes.
B: Yeah I guess.
C: Yeah.
D: Yes.

How old do you think you might be when you get married? What’s a good age for that?
A: 25. No, actually 27.
B: Like 25.
C: 25
D: My mom and Dad got married when they were 25.
Again confirming that the kid-approved universal age for marriage is approximately 25.

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