Happy Father’s Day From The One Unified Project!

The dictionary defines the word father as simply “a male parent”.
There are those who grew up without the ability to add anything deeper or more substantial to that definition. Those who could never quite attach an emotional connection to the simply defined word. Those for whom a father was something that other people had, that you read about in stories or watched on Primetime tv.
So this Father’s Day, if you’re fortunate enough to be among those who have been blessed by a father’s love, be truly grateful for that.
For some, a father is an anchor, the cornerstone of their family. Some of the people we spoke to used words like “role model”, “provider”, and “hero” to define their dads.

In advance of Father’s Day on Sunday, we are honored to share some family photos from One Unified readers honoring the father figures in their lives.
We here at One Unified wish every man who elevates that simple definition of “male parent” to a new level, a very Happy Father’s Day.
Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.

Happy Father’s Day


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