Sunday Spotlight: Keg & Barrel Homebrew Supply

Welcome back to our newest feature: Sunday Spotlight. Each week we’ll feature something that our readers may be interested in checking out. Whether we’re brining you something uniquely Philly, a bar or band, or just a great location that we want to share, our goal is always to find things that are enjoyable or inspiring, things that are unifying. Last week we featured the band Urbana.

keandbarrel1Today we’re talking to Gina Hyndman of Keg & Barrel Home Brew Supply. More than just a local business, Keg & Barrel is family owned (based out of south Jersey) and is going full throttle at the rapidly expanding Philly Beer Scene.

Run by husband and wife team Scott & Gina Hyndman along with an amazing staff, Keg & Barrel Homebrew Supply is a family run business that has been helping people ferment since 2009 in Berlin, NJ. Gina handles in store orders, staffing, and is their smiling face. Scott is their workhorse, scheduler, book-keeper, and creator of their amazing hobby shop.

Enjoy the interview and be sure to check them out. And if there are any places, events, or bands you’d like to see featured in
the future feel free to send us a message.

How did you guys get into home brewing?kegandbarrel3
“About 11 years ago, after a 12 hour shift for work, Scott said he would be running late and would be home in an hour or two. Little did I know he crossed the bridge into Philadelphia and entered our doorway with 2 large boxes and a smile on his face exclaiming “We’re going to make wine at home!” I had never heard of anyone making wine at home and thought the idea was absurd. With a little persuasion, Scott & I became homebrewers. We followed every direction, fermented and bottled our wine after 6 weeks. While waiting for our wine to age, we picked up a beer ingredient kit and gave beer brewing a try. That was the beginning of a hobby, turned obsession, turned business. The rest is history.

You recently relocated and expanded. Home brewing seems to be more popular than ever. Why do you think that is?
“One of our most difficult challenges as homebrewers was finding a local shop that gave support with the hobby, friendly advice, and basically a place to share homebrew with others who shared the same passion we did with the hobby.
Keg & Barrel Homebrew Supply opened in the Berlin Farmers Market in 2009 and was open 4 days a week in NJ. We doubled in size after 2 years, and quickly outgrew our kegandbarrel2square-footage. After much consideration & customer suggestions, we relocated a 1/4 mile down the road to Bloom Circle Shopping Center and opened 7 days a week. Keg & Barrel is now South Jersey’s Largest Homebrew Supply Store catering to Wine, Beer, Mead, Cider, Soda, & Cheese Makers. Our largest addition was an electric based kitchen to host lessons for the hobby. We have held private lessons, group classes, birthdays, and even a bachelor party for wine and beer making. Keg & Barrel also has an Espresso bar serving Philly’s own…. La Colombe Coffee.

You have a retail aspect of the business. What are the hours of operation and what can people expect to find in your store?
“We are open 7 days a week. Monday-Friday 11am-8pm Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 10am-6pm. We stock all equipment and ingredients to make your own beer, wine, cider, mead, liquors, and soda from the convenience of your home. Our extensive inventory of parts can help you reshop any kegerator to keep your beer flowing properly. CO2 refills are done on premises while you shop. Keg & Barrel’s latest hobbies include: cheesemaking cultures and kits, and BBQ wood chips and chunks in an array of flavors.”

You also offer classes and instruction as well. How do people sign up for those and what kind of classes do you offer?
“Classes are scheduled as requested. Saturdays and Sundays starting at 12pm. Please call ahead to schedule. You can call or email us today. 856-809-6931”

Here’s a list of the current offerings:kegandbarrel6
Beginning Beer Brewing– $20pp
Brewing beer is both fun and easy and gives you a great product that you can share with friends and family. In our class, you’ll
learn everything you need to know to brew your first batch of beer. We will give you a full demonstration of a brew day and walk you through the entire brewing process. Pair up with a friend, spouse, or family member and learn to craft your own beer.

Beginning All Grain Brewing– $20pp
Now that you understand the basics of brewing an extract batch of beer, its time to step up to all grain brewing. In our all grain classes we take what could be a difficult transition and make it both fun and easy. We will teach you about mashing, sparging, the art of a full boil. During the class you will learn even more techniques, such as whirlpooling and rapid wort chilling, to improve your next homebrew.
Beginning Winemaking– $20pp
Civilizations have been making wine since 2000 B.C. Now in 2015, its your time to take part in that tradition. We will take you
through the entire process of making wine from fermentation to racking, and finally bottling.
Using our Winexpert kits, you will be enjoying your wine in under 2 months

kegandbarrel7Who would you recommend the classes to. Who’s a good fit for what you offer?kegandbarrel5
“We have customers from 21-70 years old. Lessons and equipment kits make great gifts for that person that is always hard to shop for. Foodies also make great home brewers.

Anything else you want people to know about Keg & Barrel or about home brewing?
“We are currently running a Father’s Day Special. Starter Beer Equipment Kit (1x purchase) to brew 5 gallons of beer at home & your first batch (refill) for $100. Choose from an American Light, Irish Stout, American Amber, or an English Pale Ale.”

Find Keg & Barrel:
On the web at
By phone 856-809-6931
Live and in person at 2 S. Route 73 Unit I-J Berlin, NJ 08009
And on social media at
Twitter: @KegnBarrelHBS
Instagram: Kegandbarrelnj

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