Results of our Pomp and Circumstance (Graduation) poll

Thank you to those that participated in our poll last week. Here are the results:
Did you know what you wanted to be when you graduated high school?
80% said no
20% said yes
“I was 16 and changed my mind every time I stumbled into a new subject to study.”

If you answered yes, are you still in that field?
“Sort of — wanted to be an executive secretary but am a legal secretary for over 25 years now.”

If you answered no, how did you finally decide on a career?
25% said they fell in love with the job they were working at
25% said they were inspired by a personal experience
50% chose “other”
“I listened to other people’s advice”
“Always loved cars”

Did you go to college?
60% said yes
20% said no
20% chose “other” option
“Computer school”

If you said yes, was it worth it?
67% said yes
33% said no

If you said no, why didn’t you go to college?
100% didn’t have interest

Speak your mind!

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