Results of this weeks summer polls

Thank you for participating in this weeks polls about our favorite summer activities and foods. Summer definitely has a vibe all it’s own with some things we just don’t do or have any other time of year. Here are the answers you gave us.
Summer fun results:

What is your favorite summer activity?
70% said BBQ’s and house parties
30% said going down the shore

Id rather be @ an outdoor, bbq, house party type with ppl i actually like rather than @ a vacay spot w/droves of ppl i dont even know. Plus, not a huge fan of sand!

The weather is nice and warm and u can enjoy it with your friends and/or your family.

Time with friends & family trumps it all. Plus nothing beats a burger on the grill


BBQ’s and house parties are laid back and a good way to catch up with people.

I love sitting on the beach and listening to the waves crash on the sand. I also love to walk the boardwalk and people watch while stuffing my face.


What is your favorite summer food?
40% said Jersey tomatoes
20% said “other” ( all of the above)
20% said corn on the cob
20% said BBQ of any kind


Jersey tomatoes can be eaten like an apple!

They are all summertime faves!!! Can’t pick just one…

I love tomato sandwiches and the Jersey tomatoes are the best!!

You can usually get the other items year round.

Speak your mind!

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