We’re Going From Giving Thanks to Servers to Giving Thanks for Service.

waitstaff7We’d like to say a tremendous thank you to all of the servers and bartenders who allowed us to interview them, pick their brains, ask them questions, and who shared their best and worst moments in the food service/restaurant industry with us. To us, you provide an invaluable service, one which are happy to duly compensate you for. And since we know you probably don’t hear it often enough, thank you! Thank you for what you do to make our birthday dinners, girls nights out, business lunches, date nights, and a million other everyday adventures, a little better. If you’ve read any of our posts this week, or taken our polls, or looked at our photos, or visited us on one of our social media sites, please remember to show your gratitude to your favorite servers. 

flagTomorrow is Memorial Day and we hope that you will join us in honoring a different kind of service. We’ll be kicking off what promises to be a great summer here on One Unified. But first, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the true meaning of what has come to be known as the unofficial start to the summer.

And stay tuned to find out more about our upcoming new feature, the Sunday Spotlight.

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