Results of this weeks tipping polls

This week we honored the hard workers in the restaurant and bar business. We also asked all of you what your tipping habits were. Philadelphia has been called a high tipping city and most of the answers definitely coincide with that assessment. These are the results.

Have you ever not tipped a server?
82% No
18% Yes

I gave them back a very under cooked burger and they gave the same one back to me (bite mark and all) burnt.

I feel guilty leaving no tip even if the service sucks. I just leave a smaller one.

Only once or twice in 50+ years. The one tome i do remember the details…we saw the server once when we sat down…repeated requests from other servers to get the server or at least another server went unheaded. We had finished our drinks over 30 minutes ago, so we got up and left.

I always tip. If the service is horrible the tip is small.

Have you ever skipped out on a tab?
91% No
9% Yes

yes at the Red Robin. I fell victim to trunking peer pressure at 3 o’clock in the morning. felt bad and paid the next day

NEVER, except for the one case above. If someone had given us a bill, we would have paid it.

On average, what percentage do you tip a server?
53% said they tipped 20%
33% said they tipped 22-30% depending on service
7% said they tip 15%
7% said they tip 10%

What would make you not tip a server?
46% checked “other” (see comments)
No reason not to tip a server
Not Tip??
Not tip?
Only if they down right fuck everything up and are rude……I always tip
Bad attitude
31% said they wouldn’t tip if the server wasn’t friendly
15% said they wouldn’t tip if the service was slow
8% said they wouldn’t tip if the food was bad

Speak your mind!

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