All Good Things Must Come to an End. Goodbye Sibling Week!

Thanks for celebrating National Sibling’s Week with us! We hope you got a chance to check out the people we were able to speak to this week. If you missed it, we talked to a set of twins, an oldest child, a middle child, a youngest child, and an only child.
And… we asked for your feedback!

Where do you fit in the family and how do you and your siblings get along? Check out the poll results below. We hope you’ll join us for a rockin’ and rollin’ week coming up! It’s going to be a wild ride!!

Out of all of our poll respondents, surprisingly 42.42% are the oldest child in your family. Oldest kids are said to be born leaders. They’re reading our site, so they must be on to something!
33.33% of you are the youngest, just over 21% are in the middle, and we had ONE respondent who was an only child.

We asked how you and your siblings got a long  and 51% of you said that beyond the occasional sibling spat, you got along just fine! We’re feeling the love. 15% didn’t get along so great then, but time proved to bring you closer together. And another 15% got along better with some of their siblings than others. 12% of you were lucky enough to be BFFs with your siblings. And then there was that one only child again!

And we asked that ONE only child, and all the others we polled, if they think people with one child “owe” it to their child to give them a sibling if they are able to?
46% said a resounding no way. The number of kids you have is a personal choice and that should not be a factor. And another 45% thought it depended on the child and the family, but no one NEEDS a sibling in order to have a happy childhood and thrive as an adult. A teeny tiny portion (6%) who had siblings, couldn’t imagine growing up any other way! And one person (maybe that only child) thinks that EVERY kid should have a sibling!

Thank you so much for participating. Please stay tuned for a week on One Unified that you will not soon forget!

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