What Would You Do With One Week to Live?

This week we’re asking the questions that our readers voted on last week. Today we asked people this question, it was the question that garnered the number one spot for what readers wanted to know.


ifnotnow“I’d spend it with my family. My wife, my kids. It’s cliché, but what else are you gonna do really? With a week? Yeah, I’d spend every waking moment with them, with my wife and my boys.”

“I’d tell the person I love that I love them, because they don’t know. And I’m not telling them already because I know they don’t feel the same. But it weighs on me. And with a week to live, I wouldn’t care if they knew I guess. What’s the worst that can happen?”

“Oh man, everything! Everything and anything! I’d say no to nothing. Want to jump out of a plane? Sure! Want to get a gigantic tattoo across your whole back? Absolutely! I’d do whatever I could fit in a week. I’d do it anyway but I’m freakin’ scared ((laughter)! Nothing like a week to live to kick fear in the ass, right?”

“I have a bucket list. I don’t think there is too much I could get done on it in a week. I do work on it. I mean, I have some stuff crossed off already. It’s just not that easy to trek in the Himalayas in everyday life, ya know? I always say, if not now, then when? Sometimes life just doesn’t agree with that sentiment though.”

“What would I do with a week to live? I have no idea. I guess I’d tell everyone who is important to me what they mean. I absolutely should do that anyway. Maybe I will. Maybe this was a sign.”

“If I had a week to live? Wow. I’d spend some time, probably while my kids slept, writing letters. I’d write a letter to each of my children for them to open on all of those milestone days that I will miss. A letter for when they graduate high school, for the prom, for going to college, for getting married, etc. Because I wouldn’t be there to see it, to give them the speeches, the pep talks, the comforts that only a mother can. I’m actually getting emotional just thinking about it. I can’t imagine missing out on all of those things, but if I make them videos and leave them letters and things like that, then it’d be like they had what they needed from me. Then I’d try to create some really incredible final memory for us as a family. I try to make good memories for my kids anyway. I try to make it so they look at their childhood in a good way; so that when they are older they remember childhood as happy and fun. I don’t have that. I don’t remember my childhood as happy or fun. I want that for my kids. I’d use my last week on earth to make that happen if I could. It’d be worth it I’m sure.”

“If healthy enough, I would go to the beach and enjoy the sunrise and sunset. I would try hang gliding and zip lining. I would do this with my family and spend the whole week with them.”

“I would spend it with my family. I don’t know what we would do, but I do know I would want to be with them 24/7 non stop until it was over.”

“This is an easy one. If I had a week to live I would spend it in the tropics on an island that gets good waves and surf till I drop.”

“Locate and visit with every member of my family that I can find so I can say goodbye and make sure they have closure and a happy memory of me. And also to “patch up” any differences I may have with any friends at that time, as to avoid any regrets on anyones part and to be able to pass on in true peace.”

“If I had one week to live, I’d spend 6 days traveling with my family, visiting the people that have always been there for me and my family to say thanks and goodbye. My last day, I’d stay home, quietly relaxing with my family by my side.”

“I would spend my last week of life seeing as many people (family and friends) as I could squeeze in!!!!”

“Spend it at the shore with my wife & kids and let all the other important people in my life know what they meant to me. And have my Celtic music and the best bottle of Irish & Scotch Whiskey available!”

“I’d try to repair all of the relationships that I stupidly let suffer over the years.”

“I’d grab hold of the person I really love, and I’d ask him to come and spend a few magical days with me. Then I’d go home and make peace with myself and my life, and rest easy with my family by my side until it was time to go.”

“That’s a tough one. I’d eat and drink like a pig at every restaurant there is in Hawaii.”

“If it was just me that was told I had one week to live, I would set all my ducks in a row. I would make sure I spent time with everyone that had a special place in my heart so they felt that had a little bit of time to remember me.
If we were all told we had a week. I would help plan the party that got us all together.”

Speak your mind!

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