One Hour: People Tell Us Who They’d Most Like to Spend an Hour With.

This project is all about conversations. This week, the questions we’ve been asking, the conversations we’ve been having, were those that were voted on by the readers of our site, by you. Today you wanted us to ask this one, and so we did!


“I’d like to say something really profound like the Dalai Lama or something. But the truth is I’d want to meet Bradley Cooper. Wow. That sounds incredibly shallow. But hey, if I’m going to get the chance, I’d like for it to at least be someone I have a shot at. Yes, that’s me saying I think I have a shot with Bradley Cooper (laughter). What? I was prom queen (laughter).”

“I’m not even kidding right now and I know people will think I am, I’d want to spend the hour with my dog Kaya. I figure if they’re alive and I want to talk to them that badly for an hour, I can figure out how to make that happen. And I don’t really think about talking to anyone who’s passed. But I miss Kaya more than I have ever missed anything. I still have all my family and friends. I’d want Kaya back for an hour. Crazy, right?”


“I can’t pick one. This isn’t the first time I’ve answered a question like this. It’s just too hard. I think from the living I’d pick Anderson Cooper. He has seen so much and he doesn’t seem above sitting with you and telling you what you want to know. Of the departed, I don’t know. I think maybe John Lennon. That would be pretty incredible.”

“Bob Marley. Hands down. No contest. He is my idol. I’d give anything to be able to spend an hour with that dude and just pick his brain about everything, music, life, his religion.”

marley3“Alive or dead? Wow. I think probably my Grandmom. But no, that’s too hard because, my Grandpop. Can I say both? If I could talk to anyone, anyone, it’d have to be one of them. I’d give anything on this earth just about for another hour with them, but I couldn’t choose between the two. I don’t care what we talked about. I would just want one more hour with either or both of them.”

“I’d like to talk to Hitler. Seriously. I know it sounds crazy, but I’d like to, for one thing, say what the hell made you do what you did? Why? Was it worth it to you? And then to tell him how he is remembered in history. What his legacy of being one of the most vile, hated humans on earth.”

“One person alive or dead? My mom. I miss her so much. You waste so much time when people are alive and then when they are gone you wish and regret and think about the time you squandered. There were so many times when I was just sitting doing nothing that I could have been talking to my mom, or doing something with my mom, or telling her how much we all loved her. It sucks that people think there is always more time. One day time runs out and you’re left with whatever you’ve put in. I’d give anything for an hour just to sit and talk to her, but the more important lesson is to use the time you already have to spend with the people you love, the people you know you will miss horribly when they’re gone.”

“My Mom. I miss her.”

“It would be my best friend growing up, Bert. And I would ask him why the hell did he kill himself, and at such a young age.”

“If I had an hour to spend with anybody, it would probably be Charles Darwin. He changed how we look at science and religion like no one else in history. I would like to tell him that some of the things he predicted came true. Leonardo DaVinci would be cool too.”

“My Father. Since he left us when I was 7, and passed on when I was 17, I never really “knew” him. It would be nice to ask him some questions and see what kind of person he was.”

“My father. I would give anything to spend one hour with the man who raised me and my siblings along with my mother, until he passed away suddenly one night when I was 14 years old. I would love for him to meet his daughter-in-law and grandchildren and to thank him for all that he did for me and my family. I would definitely have a couple of baseball gloves handy so that we could have a catch and give him a hug and tell him that I love him one last time.”

“I think I would want to spend that hour with my grandmother. When she passed, it was sudden and I wasn’t where she was. So a chance to say goodbye, and I love you and all that would be cool.”

“Jesus, Buddha & Mohammad in one room, at the same time. I’d love to find out why the human species spends so much time hating & finding new ways to kill each other.”

“My uncle. I miss him so much. He was the incredible father that my own father couldn’t be. He spent time with me and cared about me. Taught me by great examples and was an all around good person.”

“John Lennon, back in the day. To try and gain some perspective on the greatest song writing duo in music history. What was it that made song writing so easy for them.”

Speak your mind!

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